Ex-Marine vows to put a bullet into the dentist that killed Cecil the Lion



Cecil has an avenger, Cecil lovers have a hero to look forward to. Marine turned animal protector vows to “hunt down” the poachers who killed Cecil the Lion. While the term “hunt down” is ambiguous as Zimbabwean law states that poaching is punishable by death for endangered species.

Reporting form World News Daily, Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VEPAW) team member Kinessa Johnson from Yelm, Washington State, has been working with a team of post 9-11 ex US soldiers training local park rangers to catch and detain wildlife killers. While our Ex-marine Hero avoids harming hunters but under certain circumstances killing a poacher was the only way to preserve an endangered species. With poachers often attempting to kill rangers to eliminate any eye witnesses, the use of lethal force is sometimes inevitable. As of to date, Kinessa has 27 poachers to date on her “trophy list”.

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When interviewed about Palmer, the lion killer, Johnson said that it will be a bit more of a challenge.
“As long as he is hiding in the US, there is not much that can be done, but poaching is punishable by death in Zimbabwe which relies heavily on the tourism industry. If we can get an international arrest warrant on his head and get full cooperation by American authorities to extradite him back here, you can trust me that Cecil will be avenged”

Cecil finally has an avenger.

Kinessa is not the only animal guardian in this fight against the poachers in the African Continent. There is currently a mercenary group in South Africa that is actively providing training and equipment to park rangers in the war against poaching. One of the soldiers said he’s willing to give his life to protect the animals. True angels indeed. You can watch their video to see them in action. 


 Mercenary group vowed to protect endangered animals.

39 thoughts on “Ex-Marine vows to put a bullet into the dentist that killed Cecil the Lion

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  2. My lifetime passion has been animals. Always will be. And to see a woman, a very strong and intelligent woman, who strongly believes in protecting these animals, just makes me proud to be a woman. I have never seen another human being as “my hero” until now. All these people are true heroes. My dream would be to be able to meet Miss Kinessa Johnson and shake her hand. Wow! An amazing woman. Amazing people fighting for animal rights. Thank you!!!

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      • Steve, just shut the hell up moron. If she can get that POS Palmer, she should be honored by the damn country! You’re just a jealous little peon. Go away little boy of no action.


    • You and her are both completely out of line and very ignorant. You 2 idiots should focus on the things that need immediate attention and if you can’t figure out what some of those are maybe the both of you should go sit out in the middle of the woods or desert and wait on poachers, cause your thoughts and non-participation of this failing society is not needed.


    • U are an idiot, kinessa has never vowed to kill anyone. These blogs have been twisting her words horribly. Do a lil research b4 u spew shit online.


      • I am reading what is on the blog fuckhead. I am not gonna waste my time doing any research on shit like that.


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    • Im a Farmer in Australia and i kill many animals like Rabbitt, Roo, Deer, wild dog, mostly to protect crops so that vegans can eat them, in turn they pay me to do it in the price. Did you know its well documented that HITLER couldnt harm an animal, he couldnt even bear the thought of it.

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      • Give us the name of your farm Mr Griffiths and I will ensure that those who buy from you are aware of your comments here. I doubt you even own a farm. Organic farmers (vegetable or animal) never kill animals to protect their crop or wildlife. It is against their values. Obviously not yours. Pathetic comment!


      • So … you are basically saying that only vegans eat your vegetables? Vegans are a serious minority in Australia – so lose the dramatic and highly inaccurate anti-vegan approach. 98% of the vegetables you ‘supposedly’ farm would be sold to meat eaters. However, I seriously doubt you are a farmer at all. If you were, you would have more of an appreciation for anyone who buys your produce, vegan or otherwise. There are also many answers to modern farming without killing any animals. Nobody is paying you to kill anything.


  4. What an amazing women,I would love to meet her and her team,and thank them, this is such an important issue for all animal lover’s/suporters all over the world, we all want justice for #Cecil, we all want Walter Palmer to pay for murdering such a beautiful and loving lion, who was loved by everyone.I will stand up and suport her and her team in getting justic, R.I.P.Cecil

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    • Marilyn, Walter Palmer did not murder anyone. He killed a lion. Please understand that murder is the killing of a human by a human. Not the killing of an animal. Calling Dr Palmer a murderer is not true, and as such is illegal defamation and slander.


      • Right on Cliff, at least someone has a brain… I just cannot believe the utter BS written on this post. Just sick!


      • Cliff, How much were you paid by Palmer to post this bullshit? Palmer IS a murderer, and WILL reap the whirlwind. He’s a gutless, spineless piece of shit & I pray every day that someone sends a steel jacketed projectile through his fucking head, and wipes up his garbage family as well since BOTH wife and daughter are trophy hunters and have committed acts of poaching. You OBVIOUSLY an IDIOT and you support Palmer. Do us all a favor and wise up jerkoff. Palmer is scum, and just happens to be the most hated man in this country. And you support this piece of shit? Gimme a fucking break, the day he dies should be made into a national holiday!!


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  7. It’s a good thing she was just shooting off her mouth. If she had shot the Dentist they would be taking her skin to the lampshade company for killing an innocent man.

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    • No reason to worry. Kinessa Johnson served one 6 month tour in Afghanistan in the Army motor pool changing oil filters in Humvees. She was thrown out of Tanzania after less than a month because her mouth was writing checks her Ass couldn’t cash. And no, she didn’t shoot anyone. If she had she would still be in a Tanzanian awaiting trial.

      In other words she is a joke.


      • YOU’RE the fucking joke itsfinn. A laughable, fucking joke of a human being, It did not say she had already shot him, you fucking inbred. I hope she DOES drop this POS Palmer AND his poaching family. His wife and daughter were neck deep in the Florida black bear slaughter, & fund and support all trophy hunting groups. So dumb ass, go learn to read.


  8. You people do realize that the $$$ from hunting is what funds these anti-poaching units right? You do also realize that the lion was killed completely legitimately and in an ethical manner, and that now the pride is doing better? Or do you sick people just get on your computer and talk about “helping” animals? I hunt, have always hunted, will continue to do so, to feed my family and ensure that the herd remains healthy.


  9. Some of the facts left out of this story where an “EX-ARMY DIESEL MECHANIC” and “TACTICAL MODEL” is now a Marine Hero!

    A small but splashy veterans group with lofty plans to take on African poachers has been kicked out of Tanzania in the wake of what appears to be a self-inflicted publicity blitz run amok.

    A six-person team with VETPAW — Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife — was ordered to leave the East Africa nation following a burst of controversy surrounding the group, according to multiple local media outlets in Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam.

    According to VETPAW posts and comments online, the team had been accompanied by an Animal Planet film crew that was producing a show on the group. A spokesman for the network did not return repeated calls for comment.

    In a recent press conference surrounded by dozens of fatigue-clad Tanzanian park rangers whom VETPAW had come to train, the head of the country’s Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources said he was “saddened” by recent posts that have been circulating widely online.

    Those have included pictures of “tactical model” Kinessa Johnson — a former Army diesel mechanic now with VETPAW — posing with various weapons and gear.


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