Top Five Animal Guardians You May Not Know (#4 Impressed Me)


While not everyone of us can operate a weapon or have the means to travel to Africa to personally deal with the poachers, there are a select few who are brave enough to confront poachers toe to toe. Some armed with assault rifles while others are making a difference through dialogue and technology, here is our compiled list of five animal guardian and groups you may not know.


21 thoughts on “Top Five Animal Guardians You May Not Know (#4 Impressed Me)

  1. Kinessa…I am too damned OLD to join! Dammit! But I can still drive a truck and my little smoking 243 keeps a tight group at 1000 yards. I salute all of you! This is the best work I can imagine! Cecil woke many of us up. And That magnificent Old Cat (as much as he suffered) still died an Honorable Death! That powerful old man ran away from the protection of that park and his family and Jerico! He drew the pain and horror away from his family for 40 hours! Jesus Christ! I hope I have that kind of honor in me if I had one last act to give my family. My god! I am so proud of that animal. He has shown the kind of “Honor” the best of us HOPE We have! This Killing… every part of it was Illegal! and therefore (Poaching) In fact almost ALL of the Killing that goes on over there with these Rich jerks,,,, is Poaching! They do not give a dam where they hunt they just lie about it later. And the Baiting, and Night Killings with Flashed lights! And 300 Lb Cross Bows! Total canned hunt! The Gov does not give a shit! They just want some money to pocket. You and the guy’s are our only hope! I swear I want to come and sit by those narrow gauge railroad tracks and watch for Great White Hunters or poachers every night until Cecil’s cubs are grown ! And then I still want to help Jerico until he can’t walk anymore for what he has done in accepting and protecting his partners Cubs! That was what Cecil would have wanted! He did not want more radio collars and notebooks! I love the Research…! But I don’t think most hunters can read. Cecil cried as hard as he could with his 40 hour run for SOMEONE to PROTECT HIS FAMILY. JERICO MUST LIVE. MUST LIVE! If Jerico gets HUNTED ! (Poached) Holy Mother of god… no one will have to do Palmer the smart way… He will have 1000 people with Pitchforks and Torches! in his front yard and he won’t make it. Please send me some names of ex military or anyone that might want to talk. over here in the States. I have reconnoitered. I am not trained but you’d be proud of what I have. Lip Zip, from here.
    Johnnyunertl … at the gee mail thing.

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  14. You’re a real life Vasquez from ALIENS!
    She’s my screen heroine,
    You’re my actual, real life one.
    You are doing God’s work, and don’t you ever forget it.
    Thankyou 1000 times for doing exactly what I wouldn’t hesitate to do too.
    I will back you all the way.
    There’s a special place in Heaven for you. God bless your loving heart.
    May your victory be a glorious one!


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