Interesting FACTS about Lions that will Amaze You


In case if you don’t know much about lions, here’s a coles notes guide on lions

  • Lions are the Only Big Cats  that Live in prides. Tigers are less social and do not live in pride.
  • The females in the pride tend to do the majority of the hunting. They work as a group and use intelligent hunting tactics to catch prey which they would not be able to catch alone. male lions that are within the pride set up will be needed in the hunt when they are required to take down prey that is too large for the females to hunt on their own.
  • When a Lionesses comes in Heat (feels horny), a male will become his constant companion for next few days, during which they will mate after every fifteen minutes or so, meaning they can mate several hundred times during those days.
  • A lion’s roar is the loudest of any big cat and can be heard up to 8 km away.
  • Lionesses are caring mothers who will even take care of a neglected cub, allowing him/her to suckle and giving them a chance to survive. Two or more lionesses in a group tend to give birth around the same time, and the cubs are raised together. Cubs are extremely playful.
  • Lions are the Laziest among Big cats as the sleep up to 18 hours a day in shade sometime. The Adult Male Lions are the Laziest among them, letting the lionesses do 80% of the Hunt.
  • Even most Hunts are done by female lionesses, but male lions get a first go at the meat of Hunt, as Male lions are the supreme and Protect the lioness & Territory.
  • if a Lion takes over a new pride after the (fight or natural) death of a Lion, the first thing he do is kill any cubs in that pride. this removes the old male progeny and to bring Lionesses back into Heat.