Rhino + Fitbit + GPS + Camera = Cyborg Rhinos

rhino closeup

What happens when you strap a GPS, a Fitbit and a camera to a rhino? you have a cyborg rhino that can alert the rangers when the rhino is being poached. These guys are developing the RAPID Rhino response/rescue initiative where rhinos are receive a microdevice through a painless procedure. The microdevice has a camera, GPS and fitbit like device included that monitors the heart rate and blood level where a heart rate similar to a poaching would alert park authorities and provide a GPS that allows the tracking and arrest of poachers. The camera allows researchers to see through from the rhino’s point of view.

painless rhino horn

Mockup of what it would look like (the process is painless)

here’s a video of the rhino cam in action.

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