Top 5 Punishments Our Community Has Proposed For Walter Palmer. (#5 is creativity at its best)


With Palmer back at his office, many of us have been sharing about the different punishments that would be fitting for Walter once we locate him. We asked our community this question and gotten a multitude of responses ranging from revoking of professional license to capital punishment and beyond.

Here are five of our most popular punishments our community has proposed:

21 thoughts on “Top 5 Punishments Our Community Has Proposed For Walter Palmer. (#5 is creativity at its best)

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    • The first two are probably the most likely without going into capital punishment. Some of the other ones that didnt make the list:
      -Life in Zimbabwe Prison
      -Life in US prison
      -Fine $5000 (slap on the wrist)


      • Death, fines, slap on wrist? Too quick and easy coward way out for murdering Cecil! Put him in regular prison with a life sentence! Make him scream!!!! Put him in this gated community! No parole! No federal prison. Shut down dental office. Cut all his resources off! PLEASE!!


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  8. He should be condemned to attend a psychotherapy, in order to get him off his addiction to the orgasmic adrenaline shoot that he gets from giving death.
    I say that Walter Palmer has the same mental issue as all Big Game Hunters: a toxic psycho-sexual relationship with death (eg: the presence of “trophies” which has the same pathological purpose as observed in forensic psychiatry with most serial killer’s cases).


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    • Hi everyone,

      Considering the kind of sentence Dr. Palmer would be facing in Zimbabwe, if he went back, I doubt very much that he will leave the United States of America before long.
      Therefore I have very little hope that the man will ever be punished for the crime(s) he has committed, let alone that he will no go back to Zimbabwe to hunt again… and let’s face it: we are only speaking of one animal killer among thousands… and of one country among hundreds. Diplomacy forbids!


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