BREAKING: Walter Palmer Spotted In Minnesota

walter spotted aug 17After a whole month of hiding, Walter Palmer was spotted in public in Minnesota. The Telegraph has tweeted the picture of Walter spotted in public.

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Cecil lovers need to regroup and mobilize against Walter because support for Cecil the Lion has fallen to 1/10 of its peak as people are focusing on other news items. #cecilTheLion hastag has fallen off the top 10 trending items on twitter

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Walter Palmer Spotted In Minnesota

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  2. Are they sure that’s Palmer? I’ve never been good at recognizing faces but it does look right to me. The media must have had extra information to track him down like car registration, inside information or somebody who knows him spotted him, after all you just can’t happen across somebody like Palmer who has been concealing himself for weeks.


  3. Thomas, I was wondering the same thing! Believe me as much as I want that POS coward and murderer to come out from hiding and to be extradited in order for justice for Cecil to be served. But I kind of am leery of that photo. But I could be totally wrong….


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