Dental Office Opens Up Again After Protests Died down

dental office reopens

The office of Walter Palmer just opened up again. Despite saying it was closed permanently on Google the office is currently open and patients are walking in to get their teeth cleaned. Walter was also spotted in Minnesota earlier today. Upon questioning the whereabouts of Walter Palmer, the staff denied Walter’s presence and asked the press members to leave the premises. Five patients arrived for appointments but none offered to make a comment on palmer.

A passer by from Texas spoke in defence of the dentist “We’re from Texas where people hunt but I sort of feel like it was the guides, their responsibility to protect their country’s laws,” one woman said.

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“If you were my dentist I would find a new dentist just because I wouldn’t want to support that,” another woman said.

The police has recently installed a CCTV (police state) on site to provide protection to the dental clinic. Only one protester came out to protest the dental office.

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10 thoughts on “Dental Office Opens Up Again After Protests Died down

  1. I’m from Texas as well, and what Walter James Palmer did is NOT OK in our state. He is as responsible for illegally poaching Cecil as were his guides. I find it incredible that Walter Palmer has any patients or employees who are willing to support a dentist who has no regard for the law.

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  2. This miserable snake should have his practice shut down permanently and any patient who continues to go to this butcher should be ashamed of themselves. Their dental fees are helping this monsters to finance more murderous trips.

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  3. It’s disappointing that his staff couldn’t care less about his illegal activities and knowing that he has had a 6 figure payout for sexual harassment. By going back there where Palmer skims off the profits they are helping him to continue his nefarious activities. I’m glad I live in Australia where people are no longer able to bring in Lion trophy so we wouldn’t have a Palmer problem. It’s a start and many other species of animal still need protection. I’d also be outraged that the taxpayer is footing the bill for installing police surveillance cameras. Surely if Palmer is so worried about his security he should be paying for all the armed guards and any surveillance that might be needed. As to the comments of the Texan ( my niece and great niece are Texans by the way ) they should spend a bit of time looking at the ABC 20/20 program and see how Palmer actually conducted the hunt for Cecil the Lion, even from what I could see and what the program explained there are several crimes that Palmer could be charged with. I’ll not give up my small fight against Poacher Palmer for a long time because I absolutely hate poachers.

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  4. Guides responsibility?? You are naive if you think the dentist didn’t know . Why you think they have to pay big bucks. You drag a carcass to lure the cat out …its disgusting . hmmm maybe they should drag him behind truck into middle of a pride…see how he fares…how people can continue to support him is mindbogglingly…why do ppl continue to try to find an excuse or explain it away? Just admit you don’t care. Quote by Edmund Burke …..the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing….here’s hoping there is still more good then evil

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  5. I would be looking for another dentist if I was a past client of Palmer. His staff appear to reflect the same attitude as him, and so do these patients that showed up.

    Unfortunately, there is widespread, so someone like Palmer will probably get away with his illegal killing of Cecil, and continue to do so.


  6. I cannot believe people are still going to that office. I feel sorry for his employees but he wins when patients pay even tho he is not there. Disgusting.


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  8. its so funny how you idiots are making all this protest over a dead lion when there are far worst things happening in the world let alone AFRICA, it really shows your priorities as a human being….why dont you protest for something that makes a difference, there are people of ALL COLORS getting killed from police brutality on a daily basis, world famine, polution and this damn lion is what you all choose to fus about…this world cant be that backwards, its a sad day when Human life is less important than a “popular” lion, the worst part is that the Dentist has been receiving death threats LMAO really, its fucked up when people whould take the life of a human being just to make up for the life of a dead lion, you people should get your priorities straight please….protest for something that will make a difference in your day to day


    • Todd, Some of us can actually protest more than one thing at a time. Just because we care about some cowardly lion killing sexually abusing ex-dentist murdering a national icon in Zimabwe does not mean that we do not also care about injustices committed against the two legged variety of God’s magnificent creatures.


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