Only ONE Brave Lady Came Out to Protest the Reopening of Palmer’s Dental Clinic- She needs your help!



With the opening of the clinic, only ONE protester came out to protest. Brenda Spencer was the only protester standing in the parking lot with a sign waving at the patients going into the clinic. Thank you Brenda! I’m sure Cecil was proud of your courage and dedication to the animal kingdom. There are current talks about a follow up protest and we are asking the Cecil community to share other protests and events so we can share them here.

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What you can do to help:

While the news are portraying the protest as ‘dying down’ we need to prove them wrong. While many has expressed interest in helping her, unable to because they’re not located in Minnesota. Here are some ways you can help the #cecilthelion movement.

1- Join Cecil’s Pride: Keep yourselves up to date and events happening. The only way we can keep this movement going is if #cecilthelion is still talked about. Come back to more often and share articles to friends families and different groups. Don’t let Cecil die in vain!

2- Be a contributor: this crowdsourced movement needs animal lovers like you to be our eyes and ears. If you are doing a protest in your city, please let us know. If you are an artist of writer, share your thoughts to our 12000 readers. If you suck at writing, you can be a video contributor or content searcher. email to get started

3- Start a gathering: Get a few people and start telling the world that Walter is not off the hook yet and nobody is until trophy hunting is abolished.

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37 thoughts on “Only ONE Brave Lady Came Out to Protest the Reopening of Palmer’s Dental Clinic- She needs your help!

      • That’s right imbecile, Brenda stands for Life, Cecil’s Life and Legacy. Why don’t YOU get a life and do something constructive, like staying off public forums that spread the word. Life is for living not for killing.


      • You’re an idiot, the murders kill the male lions in their prime, which are more likely to have cubs. Without their father, the cubs are more at risk at being killed by prideless males.


  1. Many people would want to extract all those psychopath hunters and Walter Palmer’s teeth who are posting with their killed animals very much! They are showing too much of their teeth!


  2. Patients that support the re-opening of this practice and pay money for treatment should be made aware that they are making a contribution to trophy hunting and and not much further down the road, the extinction of animal species. Palmer is an icon for those who seek to gain their status in Society by this mindless killing. Support Palmer’s business and you are giving these morons comfort. Any decent human being will show their disgust at the almost exclusively American practice of slaughtering these animals and exhibiting a total disregard for the plight of Africa’s wildlife. Most Americans are totally decent people who deplore this vile activity. Showing disapproval is simple. Boycott the practice. To get the message to those who are not aware it would be a help if a caring organisation could produce a short leaflet to be handed to patients going anywhere this practice to show them the consequences of their actions.

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  3. Brenda is not just brave she’s a credit to her Country and standing up for what we all believe in JUSTICE FOR CECIL. God bless her, I wish I could be by your side Brenda giving you moral support. Have people already forgotten what Walter Palmer has done.

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  4. Go Brenda. I would join you but I am in UK. I won’t stop sharing as much as I can and have not forgotten what happened to Cecil and hope those men get imprisoned. That is what I want and for all the cruelty and killings to end all over the World. x

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  7. Thank you Brenda!! You are awesome.If I lived in the area I would be there protesting everyday!!Anyone who does live there please go out and protest!;Brenda,you are not alone!!We are organizing.We are doing everything in our power to make sure this malcontent does not get away with this horrible tragic murder!!He is a sick sadistic psychopath!!HE MUST PAY FOR WHAT HE DID!!That arrogant so called “man” and his fugative harboring family staff thinks we’ll forget!!WE WILL NEVER FORGET CECIL!!We MUST have JUSTICE and we MUST STOP TROPHY HUNTING!!! #justiceforcecil #wearececil #cecithelion #roarwithoutrageforcecil #ittookoneliontochangetheworld #walterjamespalmerisapoacher

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  9. Wow….this is phenomenal. I do cat rescue in Los Angeles, CA. I cannot tell you how impressed that after all these years that animals have suffered. FINALLY, people are standing up for the better treatment of animals.

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  11. I can’t believe that anyone actually wants anything to do with this idiot’s dental practice, after what has all happened. He does not deserve their money, or anyone else’s to go on his killing sprees.

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