Support the Plea from the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) and ‘Vote’

Update: 2 September 2015

Sadly, IAPF did not receive the No. 10 non-profit Microsoft UpGrade Your World bursary Microsoft – but the good news is that it did go to an animal welfare charity, Beagle Freedom.

This does not mean IAPF will not gain more support in the future! Keep up the good work.

Please support IAPF’s plea for help in obtaining a Microsoft UpGrade Your World bursary of $500,000 – Time is of the essence, so please act now –  IAPF Plea for Help and IAPF Linked-in Page will give you the details:

You can help IAPF wins half a million from Microsoft to use in our anti-poaching work. The charity with the most social media votes will win half a million dollars for their cause. Please add your voice by tweeting every day until the 23rd of August.”

“Use the link below or make your own tweet – it just has to contain @IAPF and the hashtags ‪#‎UpGradeYourWorld‬ and ‪#‎vote‬.

Vote via Microsoft’s UpGrade Your World site – Microsoft UpGradeYour World and type IAPF in the voting box and vote via facebook or twitter.

Reply to IAPF Tweet request –Tweet

“Posts to Facebook with the same wording will also count as votes” – Facebook Post Look for the first article containing the attached picture on IAPF’s facebook page and ‘comment’ “@IAPF and the hashtags #UpGradeYourWorld and #vote”

So, please try to make your ‘vote’ count using Microsoft’s money hopefully!

Many thanks in advance for your help.