Free The Elephants

Fascinating thoughts on elephants. They’re meant to live in the wild not in a zoo or circus.

Armory of the Revolution

FREEPeople love elephants. They are among the most intelligent and majestic animals on Earth. They have fascinated and captivated us from childhood.

And that is the problem.

Their popularity makes them the most visited prisoners in zoos. The most popular slaves in circuses.

There is a lot of money to be made exploiting elephants. Elephants are the biggest money makers for circuses.

How elephants are treated and controlled by their handlers must be kept from public view, or people would not stand for the cruelty.

Chained up for 20 hours a day.
Prodded and stabbed by bullhooks, instruments of torture that would horrify the public.

These gentle, intelligent, social animals, with emotions and feelings that rival our own, should not be required to live their lives for the sole purpose of lining the pockets of cruel people to entertain clueless people.

We would not tolerate stabbing and prodding dogs or…

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