The so called show, “Amazing Rainforest Experience” is a disgrace.

TigerWhy would anyone want to see a tortured ‘ambush’ of malnourished, skeletal tigers and a cougar with taut flesh on its bones (with barley the will to live), perform for their owner, Robert Mullen?

“’Skeleton’ Tigers Forced To Perform For Shocked Audience” The Dodo

The ‘show’ is operated by PM Productions, they would welcome your ‘views’ and ‘comments’ – It’s what Cecil would want us to do I suspect……….

“PM Productions Entertainment Inc is located in Central Florida.   Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions regarding our shows and/or exhibit, as well as availability and pricing for your event.”

PM Productions Entertainment

PO Box 547035

Orlando, Fl 32854

Phone: 407-701-0551


Mr Robert Mullen,

The so called show, “Amazing Rainforest Experience” is a disgrace.

What you are doing is animal exploitation pure and simple – The least you can do is feed the animals in your ‘care’ a proper diet, before they become so desperate they attack their caring ‘handler’ in front of a live audience.

One doesn’t need to see the gruesome spectacle ‘live’ to see these animals are malnourished, mentally damaged and bewildered. Grow a conscience…… Donate these animals to a safe sanctuary where they might (just might) be able to regain their dignity and majesty.

BigCatRescueWantsYOUPerhaps ‘Big Cat Rescue’ in Tampa, Florida can help give sanctuary  – Big Cat Rescue


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