Top 5 Countries In the War Against International Poaching


uk army

Poaching is an international problem and has been unaccounted for in the past decades often letting hunters get away. With the rise of awareness of poaching and extinction of species, nations and governments are starting to step up to do something about this.

While we are aware that many countries have laws against poaching internally, this list addresses countries that have taken bold moves against international poaching whether it is a ban on transportation of trophies, committing to deploying soldiers to actively fight poachers overseas or national scale ban.

here it is:


77 thoughts on “Top 5 Countries In the War Against International Poaching

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  2. Putting the US in the list of the top 5 countries in the war against poaching is just ludicrous. When the US goverment will have banned the import of trophy hunting, when it will have extradited poachers such as Walter Palmer so they can be judged for their crimes, when the ESA will have stopped acting cowardly and bow to the NRA and Co, then and only then, as far as I’m concerned, the US will deserve to be among the top 5 of the countries truly fighting against poaching.


  3. I’m glad my country of birth has taken a lead in fighting this abhorrent practice of hunting for personal trophies and for the misguided medicinal beliefs that drive the poaching black market. I’m proud of Britain for its commitment of manpower and resources to combat this willful decimation of wildlife. Come on USA, your hunting bonanza, your LION’S share of 66% of all wildlife taken, worldwide, is a major factor in the extinction, or near extinction, of endangered species. Besides this abhorrent fact, it is INHUMANE and no longer acceptable for any life to be taken for pleasure, ornamental marketing or medicinal purposes. IT IS MURDER AND MUST BE CLASSIFIED AS SUCH AND PUNISHABLE ACCORDING TO COMMON INTERNATIONAL LAW.


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