Why trophy hunters are like serial killers (An Open Letter)

An open letter to Trophy Hunters from Cecil’s Warriors FB group:

I am tired of hearing hunters say, we do this for conservation and we give back to the countries that we hunt in. Hogwash. Some of them say we do it for the meat to give to the villagers and that they dance around when you give them the meat. Of course they dance around, they get to eat that day. Did you ever wonder what that 50,000 dollars could buy the villagers, how much you could help them with that money. How far it could go to make their lives better. No, the money you use to buy your hunt goes to the guide and the farmers not the villagers. Do you ever really sit and think what you are doing to the animals when you take the biggest strongest one.No of course not, you do it because something inside your mind is wrong. You do it for the thrill to satisfy the bloodlust you have. Do you ever stop to realize that you are taking a living being, a father who protects his family or a mother who feeds her babies.  No you wouldn’t because to you animals are nothing, they are just trophies to put on your wall or to pose on your floors. Never ever in my life have I looked at an animal and thought oh well I’ll kill it, it means nothing to me. Have you ever seen the videos on here where people torture cats, dogs, or other animals? That’s you. You may think you’re different in your mind, but you’re not. You are just as bad as they are. You kill because something inside says KILL, KILL, KILL. Do you know who else’s mind says that? A serial killer. So you see, you are a serial killer. You can rationalize it all you what in your mind but plain and simple YOU ARE A SERIAL KILLER.

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