How To Start A Peaceful Animal Rally In Your City From The Ground Up by Christine Connors


Here’s a helpful guide on how to start a local movement. thanks to Christine Connors for sharing her secret recipe on how to start a movement in your city.


Know your cause

First you need to spell out what it is you wish to Protest. Is it for Animals right or for another cause? Then you need to do some research on that topic. If you’re protesting to ban Canned Hunting in Africa for instance, do some research. Next thing I did was I created a Facebook page for that cause. For example Cecil the Lion Massachusetts loves you. Cecil the Lion Texas loves you.  etc.

penguin sign up

Find your core team

The next thing I did was I went onto different discussion groups on Facebook that has a lot of members in it to find people in my area that are willing to join In my protest. This step takes time, so please don’t get discouraged. Once you get a group of say ten or more together you can start holding a meeting once a week.


You can have your meetings right on your Facebook page. Ask your group who would like to be in charge of speeches, of getting a permit, of getting signs etc. Make sure you have someone contacting the authorities to get permit.

Record everything

Write all that info down in a notebook so you don’t lose it. Touch base once a week to check on everyone’s progress and tell them how what you’re doing to help as well. Let your group know that you’re always open for questions. No one can do this alone you need your group and the group needs you.

Get more people

Once you get a plan together you can start reaching out for more people to join. Create an event page in your Facebook. Anything to do with Facebook you can use the help function.

Last but not least and you can do this anytime during the process is contact an animal activist near you. They may have a group of people protesting other causes but they will gladly help with your cause. I did a protest in Massachusetts for horse rights. I spoke with a lot of people and some said they would like to join me in a future protest in Boston. You can also call groups like PETA. They can help spread the word.

south african cecil

Important items to consider before the protest date

Before you protest make sure everyone is on the same page in your group. The best Protest is a Peaceful, Positive and Family friendly. I would keep the signs kids friendly because parents going by will not stop if there’s a picture of Bambi with his head cut off. Believe I wanted one graphic picture but was told by many people not to. You can still make a powerful statement with the right pictures and or sayings. Its more effective to start a group in your area that way you have more control on how it’s being run and it will be easier to get it going trust me. I am in Massachusetts planning for Washington DC. It’s a lot of work. BUT I LOVE IT. I formed a great group and believe me it takes time and patience but it will pay off.

Also prepare a flyer to give to the people coming by your protest. Print on that flyer Exactly what numbers to call or people to write etc. to stop what it is you want to stop. Give them names addresses whatever you think they need because they are the seeds that will spread your words to other people. This is a very important step and one I think often gets overlooked.

cecil protest


I hope this was helpful and don’t be afraid to try. The animals need all the help they can get. Its great to sign petitions but the more we get out around people the better.  We need to educate people as to what’s going on. A lot of people don’t know about what’s going on in other countries. So we as protestors have to Educate and Spread the word.

When it’s all said and done you and your group will have made a HUGE difference trust me. I will take time but Change with come. Your protest could very well spark another and another. Good luck and Never give up the animals need us we are their voice!


Editor’s note:

If you have a rally going in your city, share it with us and we will try to publish them on our site and allied groups.

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  1. Most importantly – contact local officials to inform them where you will be protesting so you do not infringe on any local/state laws. Also it is helpful that local law enforcement know the location in advance so they can assist in case there is an issue.

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