Anonymous gives final warning to Hunters and Facebook Pages with Cruelty


Many of us are tired with the fact that we reported the many hunter groups and Facebook failed to delete them. Good news for all of us as Anonymous recently released this video giving hunters and Facebook admins one last warning before they strike and exposing details of the pro hunting admins to the world. It is great to see that Anonymous are taking steps to stop trophy hunting. Let’s keep up the good fight tomorrow on twitter as we gather for the online twitter event to support the Rally outside the Dentist’s office. 

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127 thoughts on “Anonymous gives final warning to Hunters and Facebook Pages with Cruelty

  1. OK. I hate animal cruelty but this is way too creepy and reminds me of how Islamic terrorist make videos. No warning needed. Just go ahead and remove the pages showing cruelty.

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  2. Drastic times, take drastic measures. Animals have been treated as throw away garbage for too long. Do we have the right to treat feeling, family oriented beings like.they are potatoes.

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  3. I cannot believe that people fall for this ANONYMOUS HOAX. Be very careful of the true source of these messages. They are not Anonymous made. The objective, here, is to make the population uncomfortable with people owning guns (hunters, in the post case). You can expect a lot of negative publicity on their account. Poachers will become the new TERRORISTS.

    Learn to identify this ANONYMOUS capsule as a FAKE. It is too manucured and too “techno”.

    … all the while, reality is there to remind us of the legions of criminals (within government or populace) that will continue carrying them.


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  5. I love it! I’ve been waiting for someone with some power to make facebook own up to their responsibility. I’m sick of reporting dogfighting and cat killer pages and being told that they don’t violate their standards…WHAT standards, if they let people promote sadism and psychopathic behavior? THANK YOU!


  6. I wish to join Anonymous. I support this and their acts 100% . When will people realize that petitions aren’t always gonna change things? you have to step up and face them yourself. if you believe in what you stand for then you are committing no crime but teaching them a lesson instead.


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  8. Most of you are idiots. Farm animals are treated far worse. You will eat hamburgers and wear leather? Hypocrites all of you that accept this for of terrorism….and that is what it is. Wait until one day they decide to attack you for something you do. Could be anything….idiots


    • Good on you for calling people you don’t even know,idiots,bet your mum would be proud of such disrespect,as for eating meat,I’m vegetarian,so I for one am not a hypocrite! As long as taking action against animal cruelty does not involve others physically being hurt,I’m all for protecting the Animal Kingdom against violence & cruelty! Have a nice day mate


    • Its not like we hang their heads on our walls and call them “prizes”. No, those farm animals are for food and clothes. I do agree, they are treated worse, but at least we arent wasteful of them.


  9. Great going Anonymous. Behind you 100%. Wish I could help. I have spent last 12 years battling poachers, illegal hunters, and polluters on my own at a local level. Glad you exist.


  10. NO!!!! These videos and pictures are EVIDENCE!!! If people do not post, then we have no evidence and the animals will suffer HORRIBLY and in SILENCE!!!!!!! DO NOT take the law into your own hands! People are finally getting hard time for animal abuse but we cannot arrest if we do not know who they are!!!! The pics and videos are a GIFT for law enforcement!


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  12. It appears the Anonymous video ‘we will not accept animal abuse’ has been hacked!
    Check out minute 1:59. Oh, they’re not going to like that.


  13. How do Microsoft and the owners of Firefox make money? Google is planning to create a browser also to compete with them called “chrome”. I was wondering where does the source of revenue come in? There are no ads, etc. These programs are free..


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