Anonymous gives final warning to Hunters and Facebook Pages with Cruelty


Many of us are tired with the fact that we reported the many hunter groups and Facebook failed to delete them. Good news for all of us as Anonymous recently released this video giving hunters and Facebook admins one last warning before they strike and exposing details of the pro hunting admins to the world. It is great to see that Anonymous are taking steps to stop trophy hunting. Let’s keep up the good fight tomorrow on twitter as we gather for the online twitter event to support the Rally outside the Dentist’s office. 

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127 thoughts on “Anonymous gives final warning to Hunters and Facebook Pages with Cruelty

  1. I think this warning should spread across this country for dog fighting and the horrible torture videos. What I would like to do to these people is unthinkable.

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    • HOAX – I can’t believe people fall for any capsule condoning the use of DRONES. This is not from the real ANONYMOUS. Only meant to make gun owners (hunters for the most part) look bad. Animal cruelty takes place in slaughter houses every day. Then, poachers and real hunters are not made of the same fabric.


  2. I believe any one defending helpless animals is doing the godly right thing,its like defending a helpless baby or child ,people act in a human maner torchering and killing the innocent and deserve no mercy, no quarter given, it has to stop ,worse every day, blessings to you

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    • HOAX – I can’t believe people fall for any capsule condoning the use of DRONES. This is not from the real ANONYMOUS. Only meant to make gun owners (hunters for the most part) look bad. Animal cruelty takes place in slaughter houses every day. Then, poachers and real hunters are not made of the same fabric.


  3. This is great. This guy or lady is a true hero! Keep up the great work. All people that love animals give our support and voices to speak up for the voiceless!


  4. That’s great go after those who hunt for trophy and for fun but please do criticize those who actually hunt for their food. There are plenty of people who actually hunt wild game for food to put on their tables to feed their families.
    Curlty to animals is wrong punish those who miss treat animals and hunt for fun and for trophies.
    There is a reason they actually have different seasons to hunt for different animals and during those season my father would hunt to put food on our table to make sure we had food to eat when I was growing up.


      • Um, no. That’s like saying there’s no reason to grow a garden because you can go to the grocery. Given the current state of our food system, I like to eat as much home grown veg and fresh caught fish as possible. It is also a good idea that EVERYONE have a basic knowledge of how to provide themselves with food without a store involved. When this country implodes, Kroger won’t be open.


    • The ‘food on their table to feed their families” thing makes no sense when large amounts of money are spent on hunting! Put that money into growing your own food In A Garden! You do Not need meat in the first place!

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      • I disagree. If I want to hunt to put food on my table – I should be allowed. In the US – hunting deer – keeps the population in check. If their population is too large – the animals become sick and starve. Also – people save lots of money by hunting deer, turkeys, etc. I’m also not a big believer in the deer stands and such. It ought to be a hunt – not a sit and wait. I do believe trophy hunting is wrong. If you hunt you have a responsibility to use all or as much of the animal as can be used. It is wrong to hunt to extinction. It’s just wrong.

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      • Well, I am glad if you want to make it a little more challenging than just hiding in a deer stand. You probably know that I don’t like baiting and trapping either! I don’t feel that it is ever fair to the animal though. I always feel that if people want a chance to kill they should volunteer for the war, and have it be with other people. At least we might feel like the opponent has done something wrong, which is not the case with the animals just being animals. You speak of keeping their numbers in check…humans are the ones whose populations are way out of control!

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      • You say you like meat…like you don’t know that most of us were brought up eating meat…but when I gave it up I never looked back. I am healthy, happy and I do just fine without it. It’s all in what adjustments you are willing to make in your life…and theirs!


      • That money goes to help preserve wildlife. Game n fish doesnt get money from anywhere else but sportsmen. Being a vegetarian is not for everyone.


    • Erik Larsen, Are you a bloody hunter? Blocking those macabre websites does no harm to anyone but stopping those sadistic individuals from bragging about killing animals using the internet. Do you enjoy inflicting pains on animals? Do you enjoy killing them? If you don’t, then support Anonymous. Do you support euthanasia of domestic animals? If you do, then why do you support bloody hunting? Do you think that wild animals feel less pain, that they don’t deserve our compassion? Please read my comments about bloody (trophy) hunting. Thank you!

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  5. Please Anonymous, don’t forget the page “A good wolf is a dead wolf”.
    That page is most cruelty to wolves.
    There are a few more wolf hating pages as well.
    Wolves are being slaughtered, persecuted, executed, gut shot, arial shot from helicopters and blood shed shared on that page. Facebook thinks it’s ok. That page laughs about the atrocities in what’s happening to wolves in America and across the World.
    Politics want all Wolves eradicated, dead and extinct.


    • Right!! And I would trust a wolf around “grandma” Far More than I would trust any of these psycho wolf haters around Anyone!


  6. Thank you Anonymous for your support and doing the right thing. These animals need our voice and need and appreciate your help. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.


  7. Thank you Anonymous. I am honored to have received this Video/Message on my News Feed on Facebook. Thank you so much. You seemed have appeared at a time I & the Animals I am trying to save really needed you.


  8. Thank you! Next target should be people involved in dog fights…A lot of people know,only a few talk..OMERTA..
    Thank you for being on our side, us,the animal rescuers,to help the helpless,to speak for the voiceless!


  9. Serious animal advocates use these pages on Facebook to expose these people etc. Getting their removed does not help animals. It just covers their plight. Just use your brain please and actually do something that will help to stop the cruelty and trophy killing instead.


    • Joanne, Bloody hunters kill and brag, and the internet is an excellent means for them to brag. There seems to be more and more huntresses who have tried to outdo one another by posting their photos of their latest kills. Some even combine sexuality with killing animals as they posed for photos in tiny bikinis holding a rifle.


  10. My knee-jerk reaction is to say “Right on, Anonymous!”, but this is really hypocritical unless they also go after everyone else on Facebook who eats meat/dairy (non-vegans) because there is no difference, morally speaking, between what hunters do and what meat/dairy buyers do. One kills the animal himself; the other pays someone else to do it.

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  11. You guys are awesome. ..
    How can I help you? ??
    I have a team of people who would LOVE to be a part of this legend you’re creating. ..


  12. I am one of those people who has reported pages to Facebook… what a joke. Everything is acceptable to them… the almighty dollar at work. I’ll have to look into more re: Anonymous.


  13. Reblogged this on Moral Dilimia and commented:
    Facebook has allowed pornography, racism and speciesism and hate speech towards the innocents, and sociopathic murderers to brag about their kills with photos of bloodied, dying and dead animals without, not only following their own policies, but without any moral conscious.


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  15. Please Anonymous, You have the knowledge; and as such, you have the power to block those websites. Please do so! Please! I am grateful and speechless.
    Below are my comments posted online!

    Part 1

    How can people be proud of using guns or crossbows to kill animals just for fun or for trophy, of their senseless killing? If Mr. Palmer wanted respect and boosted his ego, then he should had bravely faced Cecil with bare hands and wrestled the beast instead of luring it out of its safe haven, then shot the animal while hiding in the bush.
    If trophy hunters need to achieve some thing, they should go to the Middle East to challenge radical Muslims who have beheaded innocent peoples. Those killers would be their good match in the killing games, not the animals.

    The killing instinct of carnivores is natural as they need to quench hunger; and as such, their act of killing is benign and acceptable.  On the contrary, killing of animals for trophy is frightening, horrific, sinister, destructive, unnatural, unethical, and inhuman because we, the superior species, have intentionally inflicted pain and suffering on inferior living beings for fun, for pleasure, for thrill,

    Part 2

    or for whatever reason. It’s psychologically sickening. Maybe it’s the darkest side of human mind that psychologists have not yet fathomed. Look at the killings around the world.

    I hope each man who hunts with bows will be shot by arrows one hundred times. Maybe it’s only then, they will be able to feel the pains they have inflicted on other creatures.

    In advanced societies we are taught human lives are valuable, and our destructive behavior is restrained by the society we live in but in other parts of the world where human lives are subject to brutality of mentally backward men who possess power and guns. I have wondered if trophy hunters who, by chance, had been born and grown up in certain parts of the world would love the activity of throwing innocent men off buildings as those men were deemed as inferior in that society.

    Part 3

    Someone stated that hunting in Africa has benefited Africans as lions have posed danger to the peoples there. To this, I respond – African peoples and animals have been living side by side on that continent for thousands of years; therefore, people know how to protect themselves from the animals. They don’t need help from wealthy men who come to their countries to hunt for pleasure then cowardly defense themselves with such pretentious, absurd, ridiculous, and illogical statement.

    Other hunters have expressed concerns that Mr. Palmer’s hunting strategy was not “fair”. Logically, please tell me what “fair hunting” is. Animals survive on their instinct. They live peacefully in their environment, sleep, play, roam for foods, eat when they are hungry, drink when thirsty.

    Part 4

    They walk on four legs, can’t rationalize, can’t reason, can’t speak, can’t build houses, can’t make guns, have no knowledge of an outside world where superior beings called human live, many of them are killing-thirsty. Then one day those killing-thirsty superior beings intrude their homes, bait them, mercilessly pierce their bodies with arrows, then kill them with guns, skin them, mount their heads on the walls of their homes, look at their macabre heads and feel proud, bragging to their friends about killing them so tell me – WHAT IS “FAIR HUNTING”?.

    To trophy hunters and people who have defended Mr. Palmer – If you are honest and sincerely want to help those poor countries; it would be more rational, more sensible, more constructive, more benevolent, more humane to distribute large sums of money used on hunting trips to poor villagers in Africa. Give money directly to them, not through corrupt governments. You will see their lives will improve dramatically.

    Part 5

    I have heard that some land owners outside of Toronto, Canada put old, sick, lame animals such as bears, deer, cougars on their lands and charge trophy hunters thousands of dollars for hunting those sick animals. The animals will be chased by dogs to clear areas where hunters are waiting for them.

    When shooting those animals, trophy hunters must have felt great achievement, I have assumed. I thank the Universe as civilization was achieved by works of men with great minds. Just imagine how the world would had been if there were only men who hunted lame and defenseless animals.

    Part 6

    While there are hungry children all over the world, trophy hunters have traveled globally and paid large sums of money for killing animals just for the thrill of it. It’s appalling! Appalling!

    I hope this incident would be a life-changing experience for Mr. Palmer who should be brought back to Zimbabwe to face charges, and that trophy hunting will be banned forever as it’s sadistic, it’s inhuman. The world should get together to stop trophy hunting.

    I just can’t comprehend the hypocrisy of the laws and the society – It’s unlawful to abuse domestic animals but it’s legal to mercilessly hunt down wild animals for pleasure and for money. 







    Part A
    Ms. Corgatelli quoted verses in the Bible to justify her act of unnecessary killing for pleasure in the same way radical Muslims quoted the Koran to kill innocent peoples.
    The Bible mentioned about hunting but it certainly meant hunting for foods, not for trophy hunting as trophy hunting is invented by some brutal modern homo sapiens who have no compassion for beings that are inferior to them.
    Reply to some posters – To my understanding, hunting for foods was a traditional way of living of aboriginal peoples, not of white settlers who first came to America. However, if my recollection is correct, European settlers almost wiped out bison population somewhere in the US due to greed. Aboriginals respected the environment, killed only when necessary, and never wasted the meat of the animals killed.
    Part B
    To trophy hunters who have hunted using crossbows, and to people who support them – In our life time, each of us at least once or twice got splinters in our skin. A tiny speck of wood does cause such discomfort, doesn’t it? Let alone infection.
    A metal arrow punctures the skin of a hunted animal; pierces its flesh, its organs: bones, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines,…. The animal doesn’t possess a conscious mind to comprehend what happened to it and, naturally, it gets scared and will run away if it can.
    The faster an injured animal runs, the more agonized it is because the arrow lacerates its bones, its lungs, its liver,….. Each movement of the animal will cause further damages to the tissues, and the wounds will get lacerated more and more, not to mention severe hemorrhage. The animal will run until it exhausts and lie down in extreme agony. In the meantime, the hunter exhilarates.
    Part C
    Animals do have some intelligence, feelings, and emotions but being compassionate is a divine trait that human beings, the superior species, possess. Miriam Webster Dictionary defines compassion as “Sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”.
    Compassion is the foundation for the drafting of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Today in many parts of the world, the Declaration has granted people the rights to live with dignity. The Declaration would had never come into existence without the works of COMPASSIONATE MEN AND WOMEN.
    Part D
    I have speculated that trophy hunters have sadistic personality disorder as they have found pleasure in killing defenseless animals. They will justify their macabre hobby and will continue carrying on their “enjoyable” and merciless act of killing unless the world stops them.
    Each being in this world is a wonderful creation of the universe, either a tiny insect or a large whale. We are intelligent animals that had learned to suppress our animal behaviors and developed refined behaviors that make us “human”. Civilization has come a long way; and we have excelled in arts, music, literature, science, technology,…
    Part E
    It’s shameful that Ms. Corgatelli and trophy hunters can’t find pleasure in sublime, intellectual, or creative activities but the unnecessary killing of animals. Beings that have no intelligence to defend themselves from their brutality. Trophy hunters have nothing to be proud of as they don’t have to be intelligent to do the act of killing. All they need is cold blood.
    Part F
    Be proud trophy hunters! Be proud of your great achievement of killing defenseless animals!
    Be proud that you walk on 2 legs, not 4. Be proud that your brain is larger than animals’ so you can outwit them in the killing games by donning camouflage outfits so it is difficult for them to see you, arming yourself with powerful bows and rifles, lurking in the bush, shooting at them when they least suspect.
    When they run away, scared, agonized, and badly injured using the muscles in their four flesh-and-bone legs; you chase after them on your four-wheeled drive Land Rover. When the animal can no longer run, and succumbs to your brutality; you will stop your metal horse, dismount, walk towards the fallen animal, high and tall like Clint Eastwood in Western movies.
    You look down at the animal at your feet! You are just a diminutive figure next to it even though you are standing tall as it’s much bigger, and much stronger than you are. You think it’s a “fair hunting” game – A big soft flesh, a dumb and defenseless animal versus a small man/woman armed with steel bow and rifle. The animal’s deprivation of intelligence versus your powerful destructive weapons. You think you are king of the beasts.
    The animal is lying in agony and panting faster and faster. Blood is seeping slowly through the wound inflicted by you. Its eyes get cloudier and cloudier. Cognitively, it doesn’t know what happened to it. All it feels is the excruciating pain as its internal organs are shredded. It doesn’t know it’s going to die either as it has no concept about life and death but you, the mighty with steel bows and guns, know. You feel you are God!
    Part G
    You spit, like Clint Eastwood did in the movies. You draw your gun!… Bang! Bang! You shot!
    You feel elated and powerful, probably enlightened as well. You feel a great sense of achievement; and as such, you think you can be cocky and arrogant like Julius Caesar when he walked into the Senate in Rome and announced “I came! I saw! I conquered!”
    Your words will be different though. Instead, you will scream from the top of your lungs: “I TORTURED! I KILLED! I ELATED”.
    Part H
    You sit down next to the carcass and feel intoxicated with the feeling of great achievement of killing the animal.
    The feeling affects you like an addictive drug does – It makes you grin broadly when you sit (or stand) next to the dead animal.
    A picture of you and the dead animal is taken – A memorabilia of a great achievement! Soon, there will be another great achievement of killing!
    Be proud trophy hunters! Be proud of your great achievement of killing defenseless animals!
    Part I
    I happened to visit Italy in hunting season. Gun shots reverberated in rural areas. One day, I unknowingly hiked through a hunting ground. After awhile, I felt the air was laden with intense fear, morbid anxiety, and eerie calmness. The feeling greatly disturbed my senses of peace, serenity, and harmony with nature.
    Then I saw hunters in the woods, one with a boy. I continued on, walked past a few trucks, and heard inside the trucks dogs scratching vigorously and crying to be let out.
    I was told later that hunters would starve their dogs, and lock them in tiny cages on their trucks. When the time is right, the emaciated dogs would be released and chase deer to an area where they will be shot at.
    Part G
    I share the story as I want to mention the emotional feelings that suddenly overwhelmed me. Did the animals sense of great danger and death and project morbid fear and anxiety into the air? Were the thoughts of killing and of being killed so powerful that they permeated the air? I can’t answer my questions.
    I didn’t have a face book account until a few days ago. I’ve got one now because I want to express my disgust about trophy hunting. If you think my comment is sensible, please forward it to your friends, and please continue posting your comments as this barbaric and macabre hobby of rich people must be stopped.
    A small child was beaten to death by a group of thugs in India. I couldn’t finished reading the story and didn’t have any comment as my heart ached – I was speechless.


    • The Bible..Proverbs 12:10…”A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”


  16. Hunting is disgusting, but anyone who is against hunting should be vegan. Humans kill 96 billion animals every year and about 3 trillion fish. Is any of their lives worth less than Cecil’s? No. Cows, pigs, chickens, ducks are the most abused animals in this world. Why aren’t we getting more upset about their treatment? We don’t need to eat animals to live, we can actually live healthier lives without animal protein. So why do we do it? Anyone who eats meat, is as guilty of animal cruelty as the evil dentist.

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