Lions Bred for Slaughter

The senseless killing of Cecil the Lion has exposed the trophy hunting industry for its vile and repulsive practices against wildlife. The world was horrified to learn the truth behind the practices of canned hunting, also known as captive hunting. The favorite among trophy hunters are lions. There are currently 6000-8000 lions that have been bred in captivity, in South Africa, strictly for killing.

Canned hunting, is the hunting of animals in a confined area from which there is no escape. The business of canned hunting is legal and flourishing in South Africa.

Lions bred in captivity for killing are subjected the most inhumane, cruel and sadistic brutality the world will ever know.

Cubs are taken from their mothers when they are only a few days old, bottle fed and reared by humans. This interaction and dependency creates a bond between man and animal so they lose their natural fear of people. Cubs are then introduced to the cub petting industry. Cubs used in the petting industry appear to be well cared for. It is not revealed to the general public, they have been bred for slaughter. Once the cubs become too big for the petting industry, they are thrown  into the canned hunting industry.

Animals are forced into small overcrowded enclosures, are frequently underfed, abused and denied basic veterinary care. Once they become large enough to be hunted, they are fed at regular intervals at specific locations where hunters are often waiting with a bow and arrow or a bullet.

The premier of Ian Michler’s documentary Blood Lions, received a standing ovation. The film captures the true brutality, lions are bred into for the canned hunting industry. Interview with Ian Michler and clips from his documentary.

Blood Lions will continue to raise awareness and draw attention to the vile practices of canned hunt farms and their owners. I have hope, this film with help bring an end to the canned hunting and trophy hunting industries.

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7 thoughts on “Lions Bred for Slaughter

  1. Savannah0203, Good stuff – You might want to add the link for Blood Lions
    – There is a trailer of the film on their site, plus lots more detail of course. I also wrote a piece about this on Cecil’s Pride in the week, but you have expanded the theme (‘Like’). When do you think Blood Lions can get a wider, international release? How do we make this happen? Any film distributors out there we know of?


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  3. The link is from Blood Lions FB page, a group I have recently joined and strongly support. Ian Michler’s interview draws attention to the length of time canned hunting has been practiced in South Africa and how small groups have tried for years to have this practice banned. He also addresses the number of canned hunt farms that have popped up over the past ten years. There are clips in the interview from the official trailer. According to everything I’ve read, Blood Lions is scheduled to air on PBS next month. I haven’t been able to find an air date. As soon as I do, I will definitely share the information. This is one industry that needs to be shut down.

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  4. Savannah0203, Thank you……I have e-mailed ‘Blood Lions’ via fb and their web page – they must be busy and overwhelmed at the current response. I asked how we (in the UK) can get hold of Blood Lions on download, or a UK cinema screen to get the message out there asap. I’ll also keep a look at PBS’s schedule on-line, so thanks for the tip-off. Agreed, synthetic ‘canned’ lion (so-called) ‘conservation’ needs to be shut down and soon. So please keep up the good work and thanks again!


  5. I also belong to and FB Group Cecil the Lion. We have been spreading this information through Social Media and have gotten an overwhelming response and have worldwide supporters. This is a short trailer we have on our FB page. As far as I know, the documentary it is not available for download at this time. We have added petitions, letters and email links for legislators in the United States to our pinned post. With a little tweaking the letters can be sent to any legislative branch anywhere in the world. We have asked and encouraged our followers to email Senators, the White House, the Untied Nations, and the U.S. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. We have also asked everyone to help educate the public on canned and trophy hunting and the importance of not hunting our wildlife to extinction. Education is key. It is our goal to have legislation enacted to ban canned and trophy hunting and to have big game trophies banned from entering the United States. I ask everyone to contact their legislative branches no matter where you live. Please visit our FB Page and welcome to the fight.


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