Disney Theme Tribute video of Cecil the Lion going Viral

Have you seen this Disney style tribute video for Cecil the Lion?

Someone took clips from Disney’s Lion King to create the story of Cecil the Lion. This video is going viral with over 200k viewers since launch.

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Here are some of the notable scenes from the viral video:

Walter shooing his bow

lionking cecil hunter

Cecil with the arrow. noooooooooooooooooooooo….

lionking cecil hunter3

See that guy over there in the star constellation, son? Some day you’re gonna murder his face for killing your father…

lionking cecil hunter2

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6 thoughts on “Disney Theme Tribute video of Cecil the Lion going Viral

  1. In loving memory of Cecil, and of every beautiful, perfect, four legged, sentient being, ever murdered by “humanity”. It is the great shame of my life to have to claim membership of the ” human race”.
    Some things can never, ever, be forgiven, or forgotten.
    They don’t have a voice, but we do.
    These atrocities must be avenged.


  2. Love the trailer honoring Cecil but where would I find the full length video?

    Thank you! Sandra

    PS: I have the Cecil T-shirt in white and love it! Might have to get it in pink, too, my favorite color!


  3. Nxa ! The Western world. They need to learn from African ethos. We kill animals when there is genuine necessity not ego trips. Was it killed for food ? NO ! Was it killed because it endangered local residents ? NO ! Was it killed in terms of mercy because it was in pain ? NO ! Was it killed in self defence ? NO ! ……wait a minute ! Was it a fair duel ? NO !….WTF


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