WARNING: Your Favourite Petition Site May Be Selling Your Email (Check Our Safe List)


This article is for all you petition warriors. Your next petition may place you onto the spam list of an annoying spammer. Luckily we are able to verify a list of safe petition sites.



AJ- Ever since Cecil the Lion has made the news, I have been signing every petition that came about, it felt good that I was making a difference for Cecil and the animals but I’m also noticing that I’m getting more spam mail. What’s up with that? Are petition sites selling my information?

Hello AJ,

It’s wonderful how you are signing petitions and making a statement that all wildlife and creation are important. Because of the effort of dedicated web warriors like you, we were able to pressure Delta Airlines to ban the transport of animal trophies and get the White House to consider extraditing Walter Palmer. Before you go on to sign another petition, note that not all petitions are alike and not every petition site can be trusted. It is no coincidence that spam mail has recently increased since you started signing these petitions.

A quick lesson about spam mail. Advertisers can only send you spam mails if they have your email address and there are 3 common ways spammers can get a hold of your email: 1- They hacked a website (like Ashley Madison), 2- You gave it to them or 3- Someone you entrusted your email with gave it away.

There has been a recent crackdown on a few petition websites including, You Sign and Petition Hub which many people have been complaining about receiving spam mails after signing a petition. The following is a list of nine questionable petition sites that may be selling your email addresses to spammers. (Credits to blog: Monsters among us)

Petition sites you should avoid like the plague:

  1. http://www.onlineshelter.org
  2. http://www.kimspetitions.com [there is no one named Kim]
  3. http://www.yousignanimals.org
  4. http://www.petitionhub.org
  5. http://www.yousign.org
  6. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=851995821544207 (Embassy Against Animal Abuse)
  7. saynotodogmeat.net (this is con man Joseph Dimitri’s site) not to be confused with the legitimate saynotodogmeat.com
  8. http://speakupforthevoiceless.org  (this is con man Joseph Dimitri’s site)
  9. image

While these sites collect petitions and present them to the officials, they also squeeze every cent from you by selling your email to 3rd party spammers.

The same report also has listed out these petition sites that can be trusted (Credits to blog: Monsters among us)

Legitimate Petition Sites

  1. http://avaaz.org
  2. www.biologicaldiversity.org/action/alerts
  3. www.animalpetitions.org
  4. www.thepetitionsite.com
  5. http://aldf.org/cases-campaigns/petitions
  6. www.gopetition.com
  7. www.peta.org/action/action-alerts
  8. www.ewg.org/take-action
  9. www.humanesociety.org/action
  10. http://takeaction.takepart.com
  11. http://oceana.org/take-action
  12. http://forcechange.com
  13. www.endangered.org/action
  14. http://aavs.org/take-action
  15. www.saynotodogmeat.com (not to be confused with the illegitimate ssynotodogmeat.net)

Petitions are the voice and blood of the people. It is the only way larger organizations can hear about us. If we stop signing petitions altogether, we are not going to see any changes. I encourage you all to continue signing petitions but also keep an eye out for where you’re signing and do your due diligence before signing.

Next time you sign a petition:

  • Read their privacy policy & Terms and services
  • Check to see if they have a 501(c)(3) – status
  • Cross reference to make sure this is a site you’re familiar with
  • Look up the past petitions to see whether there were any results.

Often a Google search or review can help you find out whether the site that is about to ask for your petition is trustworthy. If in doubt, do not sign the petition and/or use a proxy email.

Happy petition signing everyone

Eddie Y

Referred Articles and further reading:

  1. https://heatherclemenceau.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/an-important-message-about-online-petitions-they-are-not-all-created-equal/
  2. https://occupytexasanimalwelfare.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/you-lie-warning/
  3. http://themonstersamongus.com/imposters-pretending-to-help-animals/

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16 thoughts on “WARNING: Your Favourite Petition Site May Be Selling Your Email (Check Our Safe List)

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  3. People following the $ are like a dog following a bitch in heat they have no ethics; no conscience; its just a pr – – – with a h – – – on: just blood, no brains.


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  5. I think referring to PETA as being legitimate is a stretch however. It’s funny how quickly people will sign a PETA petition that is supposedly against animal abuse, while PETA themselves have perpetuated one of the greatest frauds by killing more animals than some of the places they whine about. Love animals? Not if you support PETA. That’s like saying you’re against gun violence while supporting the NRA.


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