What we are really fighting for?

I just watched a video of Brian May and Rosamund Urwin talking about lessons learned from Cecil’s murder. She said that all we are doing is attacking Palmer and his family, and doing nothing about trophy hunting. I have to say, It may have started out that way, but once the country woke up and seen what trophy hunters do, it became a fight for all big game animals. Cecil was the last straw. He shined the light on a disturbing sport, and I use that term loosely, because I do not consider it a sport. So maybe she should of looked at the pages for Cecil and seen what we are fighting for.

So I ask Are we not all fighting for a ban on trophy hunting? Are we not all fighting against canned hunting? Are we not all fighting for the lives of all animals? I for one am fighting for all of them. I don’t know how anyone can look at a beautiful animal and still decide to kill it. I was the child that brought home every stray animal, i would speak up if i saw anyone being cruel to an animal. Animals are living and breathing beings, they feel love, they feel pain, they know sadness, they know fear. So before you say we’re not doing anything but bashing the dentist, take a look and see what we are fighting for.


One thought on “What we are really fighting for?

  1. Cecileswarrior6, Absolutely!

    I agree, there is no point just going after one Trophy Hunting dentist, so we are doing more!

    The whole rotten edifice of Trophy and ‘Canned’ Hunting needs to be exposed and pulled down (…..”they do nothing to contribute to local economies and ‘real’ conservation”).

    Also, illegal poaching and the demand side that ‘finances’ the illegal poaching activity needs to be pulled down. That means supporting anti-poaching units. But also lobbying on both hunting and poaching to bring attention, changing the ‘rules’ on what is acceptable, amending and influencing laws across the globe (ie. The proposed CECIL’s Law in the USA is a move in the right direction, but more, much more is needed).

    I would like to ‘speak’ with you (and many others hopefully) much more about ‘how’ all this can be achieved for the sake of helping our Animal Kingdom’s preservation – Keep an eye out for the ‘go live’ of http://www.iwbond.org in the next week and we’ll ‘speak’ more I hope!


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