Let’s win this for Cecil

Yesterday I attended a protest for Cecil in Bloomington Minnesota at River Bluff Dental. It went really well. We were not a very big group but we made the best of it and got some news stories out there. Now that this protest is over we need to keep this going. I think we should have a protest every 2 weeks. It doesn’t have to be in Minnesota, it can be in your hometown. We have to keep Cecil in the news. But we have to keep it going. If we stop now, Palmer and all trophy hunters win. So instead of everyone complaining that a lot of people didn’t show up. Plan your own protest. You can do it by handing out flyers to people, getting a group together and do a chant post it online, or anything you can think of, but keep Cecil in the news. Keep ROARING loud and let’s win this for Cecil so he did not die in vain and we can prevent another Cecil incident. #cecilthelion.

3 thoughts on “Let’s win this for Cecil

  1. cecileswarrior6, Thank you for attending in Minnesota and for posting this update (I was with you in spirit from the UK – Many of us were ‘tweeting’ from this side of the water in support to try and ‘trend’ the Minnesota rally and highlight it).

    In the UK, there is a lot of supporting sentiment, but more ‘cohesive’ action is required I’ll grant. Please don’t get disheartened, it takes time to ‘fully mobilise.’ But to quote some ‘friends’ of mine (and yours) “We will not forgive. We will not forget.”


  2. I wish I could attend but I’m just too far away in Australia. I haven’t started to email palmer yet but will do so soon as new people will always be needed to replace people who drop away. I’ve also identified palmer’ s “trophy” house location down to a couple of metres on a few sites in the hope that somebody might do something. We aren’t the only people doing things about this there are other groups some that I am involved in but they are secret. I really like the idea of ongoing protests at the dentists. Another thing could be to support homeless people to park their cars in the street outside his surgery with signs. I would think there are many things still to be done. I even considered buying a drone and just getting somebody to set it up for me in Barnesville (palmer’s hideout properties) and fly it around controlled from Australia. I’ve had my own run ins with poachers and usually they can’t be identified like palmer and the same thing happened to me where the police protect the poachers and don’t prosecute them. I’m looking for somewhere to donate money too for action against palmer but have yet to find anything. If palmer thinks that the numbers at the latest protest means things can go back to normal well let him, let him have a false sense of security. Another thing that should be looked into should be to get his dental licence revoked. Well done to those few but very important few who went to the protest at the surgery.


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