Pictures from August 28th Rally


On a rainy August Morning, dozens of Cecil lovers gathered at the lawn of the clinic of Walter Palmer, the killer of Cecil the Lion. Supporting them are over a thousand Cecil lovers from all over the globe joining them on twitter. Check out the pictures taken by Brenda Spencer and Cynthia Oshel.

set up party

A banner with a row of flags showing supporters from all counties around the world.


Rows of lawn signs calling for Justice for Cecil.


Wonderful umbrella message

11 thoughts on “Pictures from August 28th Rally

  1. I’m pleased to see that There are campaigns for Cecil hopefully the evil dentist will get what he deserves and justice for Cecil and his pride will be done.


  2. We are so proud of everyone who attended our justice for Cecil rally..YOU GUYS SPOKE UP FOR ALL.OF US WHO COULDNT BE THERE IN PERSON BUT WERE THERE IN SPIRIT…CECIL IS PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!


    • I have been wondering the same thing as nothing has been said as to his wearabouts. I did hear that his dental practice has reopened but didn’t know if it was just hearsay?


  3. “All Creatures Great and Small, the Lord God Made Them One and All”. I wish I could have been there to show my support. God Bless ALL of You for all your efforts to keep Cecil’s Spirit Alive. I hope Cecil’s cubs live a long, free, happy life. All of you will help ensure his cubs don’t meet their great father’s horrible, merciless death. God Speed to you all. Death wishes to you Walter Palmer, God forgives But He doesn’t forget, neither do we.


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