“NGALA, Fighting for lions” – A Trophy Hunting Film Expose

Ngala Film

How do we get the message out there that Trophy Hunting in its current form, or any form is not acceptable?

Well, film is an excellent medium.

Ngala, “A film to wake people up so actions can be taken before humans make lions extinct.”

Look at the exposure Blood Lions is getting to explode the myth of ‘canned’ conservation.

#NGALAfilm “Lion Day Tribute Film to Cecil the Lion”

“NGALA, Fighting for Lions” is a film that’s been in the works for over a year, but has reached a crucial funding stage.

The film funding is being sought via Indiegogo’s platform – NGALA Fighting for Lions funding link

With just 18 hours to go, Ngala is only 63% funded – Can you help make a difference and get this film and its message out there?

It sounds to me like this film’s message is needed now more then ever and it must be made.

Marta Tona Profile Pic

Marta Tona, Director and Wein Lam, Producer

“Ngala is a documentary film which has been in development for over a year and is centered around Lion conservation and Lion status. We certainly know of recent films such as Blood Lions but this film takes a different perspective. Situations such as the Cecil killing has brought masses of attention to this particular subject which is important and our documentary hopes to continue the debate while the practice is still legal for any number of reasons which Ngala will investigate and expose both for and against.”


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