Prince Harry Personally Puts Collars On Lions To Further Conservation Efforts


Team player: Prince Harry with the team on a wildlife reserve in Namibia’s north-west Kunene region

Prince Harry was seen recently in Africa putting on collars similar to the one Cecil the Lion wore to further conservation efforts to protect more lions and help researchers understand more about lions. Joining a team of specialists including vets, senior tracker guides and a Nambian police officer, he has received some first hand experience in conservation and research work that is a bit outside of the typical patrol work he has been doing. Using tranquilliser darts to sedate animals, the prince and his team made the most of their limited time checking on the animal’s vitals and replacing radio collars and collecting blood samples.

on guard: Bodyguards stand by as the Prince strokes the male lion's head after it was sedated

One of the two sons of the late Princess Diana beloved by the world, Prince Harry grew up joining the British Armed Forces and trained up as an Apache pilot. The Prince has dedicated the last few months to South Africa after his tour in the middle east to bring awareness and hope to the animal lovers community. He has taken on multiple heli-patrol missions to protect and coordinate arrests of poachers in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

While he is a prince, Harry has refused the luxuries of a royalty in the last few months choosing to sleep in a tent and from time to time out in the open. While he has his two body guards protecting him at all times, his desire to be out in nature shows how far he has come from his teenage years. His mother, the late princess Diana, would have been very proud of him.

He said that being in Africa is much more convenient than living in big cities as there are very limited paparazzi around. He jokingly admitted being a bad uncle to his niece princess Charlotte for missing her Christening ceremony but he knows that standing up for the animals has a price.

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Prince Harry on patrol with armed rangers to nab poachers

Apparently this royal prince used to be a big game hunter like the rest of the royal family  in 2004 before joining the military and turning form his ways. Read about the prince’s past here.

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12 thoughts on “Prince Harry Personally Puts Collars On Lions To Further Conservation Efforts

  1. Thank you! How refreshing to see this image rather than the other, distressing trophy hunter with a dead animal, or a poor, hacked-up poacher victim. The more good that can be done and reach the limelight, the faster we can save these glorious creatures. Thank you again!

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  2. Don’t be fooled by this. Prince Harry shot a water buffalo a few years ago and posed with the dead animal. These royals are hypocrites and love killing wildlife for fun. When the cameras aren’t there he’s probably shooting at other wildlife. His ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy’s father, Charles Davy, runs HHK Safaris and has connections with Mugabe. Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip, shot tigers and other wildlife in the 1960s in India. This man has devoted his long and worthless life to killing wildlife and was President of WWF (which was founded by trophy hunters). Apparently the logo of WWF is a panda, an animal that Philip hasn’t shot. These royals devote a lot of their time killing animals and wildlife for fun. The Queen is patron of the RSPCA but she used to club to death the pheasants and other birds Philip shot on their estates. These royals are hypocrites but some stupid English people still support them thanks to media coverage.


  3. Prince Harry has become quite an amazing young man. Princess Diana would be so proud of him. It is obvious he cares. If only there were more in the world like him. Thank you for sharing this. Prince Harry has definitely come a long, long way. WTG.

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  5. Just in general, Britain would be a lot better off if this lot of Royals were running the country as opposed to Cameron and the other half wits. Its good we have people like Prince Harry in the world.


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