Top 5 Celebrities Who Are Also Animal Activists (You Would Not Expect #2 to Be One)


Our entertainment centric culture has a couple celebrities and famous people who are also animal supporters. While they may not have military training or the traits of animal guardians Kinessa Johnson and Prince Harry, these animal lovers stir up waves with their influence and work. Here’s our list of 5 famous celebrities who are also animal activists, we also have a few where some of you would never expect them to be animal activists.

If you get to the end, we’ll also mention ONE celebrity who’s an offender of animal rights.

here we go!

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26 thoughts on “Top 5 Celebrities Who Are Also Animal Activists (You Would Not Expect #2 to Be One)

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  16. Be aware that Ben Affleck is funding human population growth in Africa which will have the effect of reducing animal populations.


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  23. Well this is a Good Start in Saving the Doggies n Kitties from that Disgusting EVIL so called festival. I Hope it continues until there ARE NO DOGS OR CATS TO TORTURE N EAT !!!


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