A Poem for Cecil the Lion – Dedra K.

Thank you Dedra for sharing this poem. This poem is written from the perspective of the perpetrators around the world showing their emptiness.
                  Hide Behind the Mask
    Dedicated to fiduciaries, who feel they have rights beyond universal
rights of creatures to live, love and exist in peace.
Harmless though it seems
Example grabs one by the knees,
People trained to earn and gain,
Monotonous tasks causing pain.
Your role is high to oversee,
So noble status no sin can be,
Paid to help without exclusion,
Do you believe your own delusion?
If there were pity some regret
Events to come then you’d forget,
Possible to change the path,
Using quantum then the math.
Narquois smirk upon your lips
Nerve racking voice that’s heard in blips,
Eyes peering trusting -upward in your face,
Guilt for money- saving grace?
Loathing guilt its no escape
When karma grabs you by the nape,
Then life to you was but a tool,
Awake -alone now who’s the fool?

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