Taylor Swift Releases Her Latest Video Featuring Cecil The Lion


taylor and cecil

Taylor Swift releases her latest music video this Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards. Named “Wildest Dreams”, this video explores the theme of eco-tourism and has a few scenes with Cecil the Lion.  It is unknown when this video was filmed and unknown whether the lion was in fact Cecil the Lion (as he is not camera shy), a tame lion in captivity or an animated lion. Regardless, it is good to see more celebrities stepping up to raise awareness of conservation and protecting wildlife. This video dedicates all proceeds to the African Parks Foundation of America.

Here are some of the scenes from the video. (video next page)

5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Releases Her Latest Video Featuring Cecil The Lion

  1. Was never a fan, but will be from now on. She is young, so perhaps she can help reach the younger generations that need to understand we share this planet with all creatures and they all deserve respect, love, and to live in freedom without fear of man.

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  2. I despise Taylor Swift, ever since SHARK exposed her for playing shows at rodeo events. Watch the video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iqWCkUsWn5Y&autoplay=1 (If a Febreze* ad plays please know that is product is made by P&G, who engages in animal testing. Please boycott) She is not a compassionate person and I believe she made this up because their is such an outpouring of compassion and empathy for Cecil, and is taking advantage in a deceiving way to gain more unsuspecting fans.


  3. While I am a big fan of hers, and think it’s wonderful she’s donating the proceeds to the wild animal conservation efforts, did anyone else notice the fur she was wearing towards the end of the video? I do sincerely hope it was faux, and even so, promoting fur as “chic”.


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