Rhinos wake up lions

Rhinos Giving Lions a Wake-Up Call

This video provides amazing footage of White Rhinos approaching and startling sleeping lions at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve in South Africa. Looks like no lions were harmed; just missing out on some shut-eye which they, hopefully, caught up on later.


Rescued from Kaporos: Penelope the Chicken’s Story

This short film by Duncan Skiles recounts how a couple rescued their chicken, Penelope, from a custom called Kaporos. The custom precedes Yom Kippur (Jewish Day of Atonement) and involves chickens being sacrificed by Orthodox Jews. As the couple in this story illustrates, people generally give little thought to chickens. ***Footage of sacrifices and disposal of live chickens into garbage bins…


The Majesty of Wolves

Contrary to popular opinion, dogs and modern wolves are not related.  Although they show similarities, current research shows that both species evolved from a common ancestor about 34,000 years ago before splitting into two separate species. Wolves live in packs of 2-3 animals or 10 times that many and have strong family ties.  Wolves usually…

princess micahel

Prince Harry and William’s Distant Aunt Undermines British Royalty Image With Anti-Animal Rights Comment

While Prince Harry and Prince William are giving animal lovers there’s hope for the British royal family by putting collars on lions and lobbying the Chinese to ban ivory trade, their ‘aunt-in-law’, Princess Michael of Kent, unwisely angered animal lovers world wide with her unwise statement stating animals do not have rights “because they don’t pay taxes”. The comment…

roar for cecil

Haikus for Cecil – Community Poetry Project

Haikus by Neil ruddy     Hey Wally, how does – it feel when we’re the lions – and you’re the zebra?    Cops bust Garner and – Bland for petty crimes; Palmer – walks for felonies Real hunters track their – prey; poachers bait their prey and – blind it with spotlights Hunting teaches…