Captive Born By Julie Veldman – Community Contribution Poetry

Canned hunting is cruel.

But the sad thing is they’re legal in South Africa. There are currently over 150 canned hunting farms in business making the operators VERY wealthy. is it right for these lions to be bred for the purpose to be killed and make a few people wealthy? Here’s a poem by Julie Veldman telling the lion’s perspective of growing up in a cage to be shot to death upon maturity.

canned hutning

Captive Born

Captive born;

No freedom stride,

The sun-bleached valley stretches wide,

Patrol the South, no pass, a gate;

Wind towards the East; years too late, the structures built are closing in,

Dark shadows rise, plague creeps in, the lining chills beneath the skin;

Turn to the North and try again,

Press on, dry heat pushed by the wind, the dust it stirs above the earth,

The air up lifts the and holds the curse,

The scent has carried on the wind of motorcars, machines and men, the sickness swells and reaches in;

Weary legs head for the West, the sun sets there; it must be vast;

Walk on, walk on, towards the West, the air smells pure and fills the chest,

The promise of the dipping sun is stolen by a ringing gun,

Turn on cue to flee the pain, fiery metal has grazed the leg,

Go back, go back! Towards the South, re-check the valley’s gaping mouth!

Check South, East, North, and West again, the circle pulls and tightens in.

“Grandad what’s that upon your wall?”

“Ahhh, that beast you gaze at, he did fall,

When I was a younger man, I searched the vale and hunted him,

He was a fearsome predator you know, who threatened man and had to go.”

“No need to fear young man you see, that beast now lives but in our dreams.”

2015 Julie Veldman


5 thoughts on “Captive Born By Julie Veldman – Community Contribution Poetry

  1. This makes me sick to my stomach that these beautiful animals are being bred for the pleasure of these people who call there selves human how could a human being think this is acceptable to do this barbaric act of cruelty. This needs to be stopped.

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  3. Julie,
    What a wonderful poem . it’s true that there are things in life that has to be free to wonder on earth. Unfortunately this is what happens to some animals. They become a hunted prey as a game like an animal prey for food to survive. Sometimes I wonder who is the animal us or the lion?


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