International Wildlife Bond (IWB) Launched!


After plenty of preparation, IWB’s Website went live earlier today (3 September 2015)!

IWB Website.

In the wake of Cecil’s loss to the world (plus those before him and regrettably, those still at threat), IWB is intended as a new ‘digital’ approach to animal welfare action and campaigning.

IWB aims to assist anti-Poaching efforts, plus advancing anti-Trophy Hunting and anti-‘Canned’ Hunting campaigns.

How can IWB do this? Only with your ideas, on-going support and help as part of IWB’s ‘community.’

For more details, please refer to IWB’s Website – IWB hopes you welcome the like-minded ‘community’ we are trying to create.

The next stage of IWB’s development is to raise funds via Kick Starter – The initial funds raised by this approach will be used exclusively to develop IWB’s platform (the software). IWB’s platform ‘go-live’ is set for November 2015.

safe_image   IWB’s Kick Starter Project Page

Thank you in advance from IWB for reading this page, looking at IWB’s Website and hopefully, an even BIGGER THANK YOU for your support.


  1. IWB is not-for-profit UK based charity (constituted, 18 August 2015), but with international aims.
  2. The software developed is to be ‘shared’ for similar applications and the software development is already underway.  

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