California Supports The Harvesting of Kangaroo Skins


California residents,

Kangaroos need your help. These unfortunate animals are disposable ‘off cuts’ from a commercial industry that targets kangaroos for the purposes of ‘harvesting’ their skin and flesh for domestic use and export.

PLEASE CALL 916-319-2064 IF VOICE MAIL IS FULL PLEASE CALL AGAIN. TELL THEM TO STOP THIS, THANK YOU The Australian kangaroo shooting and export industry has been heavily lobbying Californian decision-makers to overturn a long-standing ban on the importation of kangaroo meat and hides. This ban has sadly been on temporary hold for the last few years (and so allowing imports), but tragically for kangaroos — and their BABIES— it could be overturned permanently in a matter of hours if shooting lobbyists get their way.

This is despite the fact that there is increasing concern about the sustainability of kangaroo populations, and the science used to justify continuing the kangaroo ‘harvest’ has been thrown into question. Additionally, a damning recent report detailing the standard — and horrific — treatment of joeys, has shone a light on a very dark corner of the kangaroo industry. The kangaroo shooting industry is an orphan-making machine


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