Apple Bans Cecil the Lion App Game Released By Animal Lovers


cecils revenge

Apple recently banned a Cecil the Lion inspired theme game from their appstore for a rather dubious reason that gets us all questioning Apple’s stance on trophy hunting.

The game Cecil’s Revenge features a cartoon theme with animals on a jeep shooting at poachers, trophy hunters and old timey colonists with guns.  A game that we would all enjoy as we desire to avenge Cecil the Lion. The developers have partnered with Air Shephers with hopes to support their UAV program which would’ve supported them greatly had apple not shut this app down.

In their rejection message, Apple stated that “Specifically, your app targets poachers. We encourage you to review your app concept and revise it to avoid targeting any groups or individuals.”

A rather disappointing move on happy as they show their true colours of supporting shareholders who go trophy hunting.

Source: Cecil’s Revenge

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4 thoughts on “Apple Bans Cecil the Lion App Game Released By Animal Lovers

  1. Apple needs to reconsider under appeal – “the Cecil the Lion app victimises/targets the (illegal) ‘group’ of poachers in the game does it?” That is a good thing Apple, get on-board and get the positive PR! Where as Grand Theft Auto (available on Apple store), is a game that “allows players to take on the role of a criminal in the big city, typically an individual who plans to rise through the ranks of organised crime through the course of the game.” That’s a very ethical and consistent stance then Apple. How exactly does Grand Theft Auto glorification of criminals not victimise/target the law abiding community, group or individuals then? I am not anti Grand Theft Auto by the way, but where is Apple’s consistency on what are after all, just ‘games?’

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  2. While Apple and Google Play allow games that promote the killing of endangered animals such as lions. I have reported some of these apps to Google and Apple with no response or action taken.

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