BREAKING: One of Cecil the Lion’s Cub Killed This Week (Confirmed)


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UPDATE: A very reliable source has confirmed that there are only six cubs remaining. It is with much disappointment that the park rangers have failed to do much to protect them. 

Different news sources have recently reported that one of Cecil’s cubs have been killed this week as predatory rival prides expand into Cecil’s territory taking advantage of the power vacuum left behind with the passing of Cecil the lion. Mirror has reported from local guides that they have recently spooled a rival lion male, Bubesi, has been prowling around Cecil’s territory as well as reporting on a recent sighting of Cecil’s Pride with only six cubs remaining. It is unclear why the missing cub, but experts are speculating the Bubesi’s presence may play a role.

Cecil’s Pride blog team members are reaching out to people on the ground to confirm that news and we are sad to hear from Drew Abrahamson, a very trusted thought leaders and animal activist on the ground, that there are indeed only 6 cubs left.

cecils cubs dead

For every trophy mounted head hanging on some hunters wall there is a pride, a family unit, that suffers the consequences. Palmer’s killing of Cecil may affect more than just Cecil but his family as well as other lions are advancing over to Cecil’s weakened territory. Despite Jericho out there protecting the pride, experts say that the pride has a 5% chance of survival.

The killing of another of Cecil’s cub really shows that we need to take action and ensure that our government needs to take action. As the Cecil movement is growing, there are more and more protests and rallies starting up and we encourage our readers to join a rally or start one at their local city square to let everyone know that trophy hunting is no longer socially acceptable and must be stopped.

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