Pictures from UPS Protest in LA


Here are some of the pictures from the protest outside the UPS store featuring Cecil’s Angels and local Cecil Lovers. It is important that we keep up the pressure on unethical companies and poacher groups. Keep it up.

If you want to start your own protest, you can read this get protesting by next week guide here:

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4 thoughts on “Pictures from UPS Protest in LA

  1. What I don’t understand is why are they just targeting UPS? UPS, in addition to FED EX and USPS all ship trophies. And besides, it’s not UPS, FED EX and USPS who ships trophies back from Africa anyway. It’s Logwin Logistics in addition to Safari Specialty importers. Many hunters ship their trophies back from Africa by boat. So let’s say FED EX, USPS and UPS ban trophies, the hunters can still get their trophies back by boat using Logwin Logistics and Safari Specialty Importers. I’m just trying to figure out why they don’t go to the US Fish and Wildlife and demonstrate there. They’re the ones to target because they are the ones who allow trophy shipments back in to the USA. None of this makes sense to me?! Even if you boycott UPS, FED EX & USPS ship trophies too. Who would you use? Here is the link to one of the companies hunters use to get their shipments back from Africa. You don’t need UPS, USPS or FED EX to get it back.


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