The day a lion awoke the world.

 When we heard the news about the slain majestic lion our hearts sank along with everyone else’s on Earth.  Well, at least everyone who has a heart. Turns out there’s a group of subhumans (my new favorite term coined I believe by Anonymous) who, like famed serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, enjoy murdering living beings en masse and hoarding their body parts in order to relive their vile acts again and again. Dahmer kept his in the fridge and Palmer keeps his in an old schoolhouse on his property we are told. They are both mass murderers who enjoy stalking, wounding and finally snuffing the life out of their defenseless victims. The species they choose is different but the underlying psychopathology is identical. The sickness that drives them to do these horrendous acts is most likely based in a sociopathic need to dominate another, to feel superior, to play God or rather Satan.

Trophy hunters do not hunt to eat or ward off a dangerous predator threatening their village and children. They do it for ‘sport’ apparently. I’m a normal girl from Denmark and although I don’t know the Bulls from the 49’ers my understanding of what constitutes a ‘sport’ certainly does not ever involve one party not knowing it’s a ‘game’ and invariably ending up dead. They like to use words like ‘I didn’t know the lion I took was a famous one’. Really? How about we call ‘a thing a thing’ like Iyanla Vansant likes to say. MURDERED. Yep. Let’s call it what it is shall we? Also, that statement implies that had Cecil not been a famous lion it would have been ok. I think not.

Walter Dahmer, I mean Palmer, is famous now. Famous for all the wrong reasons (and I don’t mean the horrid white veneers, the severely botoxed forehead or grotesquely plump cheeks that telegraph a Juvaderm addiction…. hell…I live in LA and it’s even overdone by our standards.. just sayin’). He’s swiftly surpassed even the chubby North Korean man-child with the questionable haircut as the worlds most hated person. He’s come to personify what constitutes as a heartless, selfish, greedy (need I go on?) asshole or as comedian Eddie Izzard would say ‘a mass murdering fuckhead’ (a personal favorite).

Most of the world agrees with the above statement but alas there are those who claim that we are ‘just bemoaning ONE lion’ and really ‘we should just get over it’. The thing they don’t seem to understand is that Ceclil was not ‘just one lion’. He’s one of thousands murdered every year by these fucktards who pay big money to do so. And what Dr. Evil did to him was the straw that broke the camels back. It was the action that jolted a whole world awake with the profound question: ‘is this who we are as humans’? Is this the direction we want to continue to go on this Planet? Are we ready to face our kids and grandkids when they grow up and ask why there are no lions, tigers, rhinos or elephants left in the wild? What will we tell them? We were too busy watching sports, taking selfies and being transfixed by the size of Kim K’s ass? Personally I would rather jump off a cliff at low tide than seeing another picture of her derriere, but I digress.

Thankfully a large number of us stood up and said: NO MORE’! We won’t sit by and watch this. We want action! We want justice! We want to change the tide and move into a new era where humans are the caretakers of the environment and the animals instead of the destroyers and tyrants over them.

And that, my dear friends, is exactly what happened to us. We quickly named our foundation ‘Cecil’s Angles’ to honor his memory and as a pledge to do our part to change the world for the better for all animals.

Please enjoy the pictures from our photoshoot for our website. The kittens are all up for adoption in the Los Angeles area.

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Written by: Ines Romero of Cecil’s Angels.

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