Wildlife Artist Creates a Stunning Portrait for Auction to Support VFAPU

Wildlife artist Charlotte Williams ( http://www.Charlotte-Williams.com ) collaborated with Robin Cormack of Mamba Media ( http://www.mambamedia.com ) and wildlife photographer Thomas Varley ( http://www.vicfallsproductions.com ) to create this stunning portrait of Cecil in order to raise funds for VFAPU (Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit). (VFAPU.com)

This stunning representation of Cecil will be auctioned on Ebay on 14th Sept 2015. Limited edition prints will also be available. The image is drawn in colour pencil and measures 31 x 22 inches and has taken close to 100hrs to complete.



VFAPU is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of local wildlife and natural resources. VFAPU tries to ease some of the burdens on the wildlife by protecting the wildlife and habitat from poacher pressure (subsistence and commercial), as well rescue and rehabilitate animals injured by human interference. Additionally, we try to train and find employment for ex-poachers so that they have a sustainable income without doing harm to flora and fauna. Education is also important, and VFAPU and its partners try to reach children at an early age through school and community awareness programs.

Word from our sponsors


Charlotte Williams is a self-taught and highly regarded animal and wildlife artist based in Sussex in the UK. Her time spent on a game farm in Africa in her 20s is what ignited her passion for both wildlife and art. Over the years she has honed her craft by exploring different styles and mediums as well as subjects. Her talent is unquestionable and she has quickly gained a growing international following. Using Faber Castell Polychromos colouring pencils, Charlotte is able to create incredibly lifelike and soulful drawings of any animal.

The original photographs were taken by Victoria Falls resident, Tommy Varley who has spent a considerable amount of time in Hwange National Park taking photos of all of the wildlife. He has a stunning collection of images of wildlife and landscapes, including the Victoria Falls.

To register interest and receive a notification of the auction and the sale of the prints, please email.
Robin Cormack at Mamba media on robin@mambamedia.com
Please Title your email ‘Cecil Auction for VFAPU’

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