Cecil’s Pride is Proud to Welcome Cecil’s Angels To Our Team

Our editorial pride has grown bigger this weekend as two amazing animal activists have join our ranks as champions for the West Coast. Remember the girls from the  Friday protest outside of the UPS store? We are proud to present the lovely Ines Romero and Renee Esebag from Cecil’s Angels as part of our editorial pride members.

cecil's angel


Don’t let their model looks fool you, Ines and Renee are Alpha Lionesses for the animal kingdom working as animal activists and rescuing hundreds of animals from death. Working as models during the day, they are animal activists by night and are determined to kick palmer’s ass and raise awareness of trophy hunting. These girls aren’t all talk and no walk, they back their words and statements with the many rescue operations including their most recent one with Wings of Rescue where they arranged a first class flight for hundred of abandoned animals scheduled for euthanasia from overcrowded shelters in southern California over to New York and Washington State where there’s a shortage of animals for people to adopt.


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Cecil’s Pride team and the Cecil Alliance is excited about their arrival, so much that we have given them a Cecil’s Angels corner on our blog. If you are from the west coast, they will be Cecil’s Pride champions representing Cecil Lovers at different rallies and protests along the west coast. Let us all give Ines and Renee a huge warm welcome!



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