Haulin’ ass to kick some UPS ass


Saturday September 5th, Beverly Hills, California 12:03pm

I’m running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off looking for acrylic paints, markers and brushes. Up and down the stairs I go in full speed all the while being trailed by 4 cats who think this is a delightful new game. I text Renee who’s at the store picking up poster board to make our signs for the UPS protest starting at 1pm in West Hollywood. She’s not answering. Crap.

In a whirlwind of poster boards, art supplies, wind-blown brown hair and, soon to spill out on the ground, black Chanel bag she arrives at my front door. It’s 12:15am.

Like chefs at the fanciest restaurant in town we set up our ‘art station’ in the guest room where the bed is already covered in a plastic tarp. We quickly decide who’s doing what board and immediately are interrupted by my 17 lbs. kitty-extraordinaire Rupert who jumps on the bed followed by his pesky little brother Mose. The pair love art projects and eagerly set out to buckle the boards and investigate (i.e. chew) the paint brushes. A decision is quickly made to exile them to the family room since it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that nosy kitties, acrylic paints and glue sticks are a match made in clean-up Hell.

After some discussion about whether it’s ‘UPS ship or ships trophies’ we get on with it and soon have 3 fabulous posters done. It’s 12:45am. Holy crap.

As we haul ass trying to get out the door we realize that we forgot to factor in acrylic paint drying time. Bright red paint smeared inside a Range Rover is not so hot.

As Renee expertly maneuvers clear across town like a heat seeking missile we let out a joint ‘WHAT??’ when the GPS announces in an annoying British accent that it’s ’16 minutes to destination’. Fantastic. It’s now 1:14pm. We are obviously going to be ‘fashionably late’ in true LA style. After a few near-collisions and frantic texts to our 3rd angel Kellie we arrive at ground zero. We cross the street in a full gallop as we see the NEWS crews. They are just leaving. Awesome.

Thankfully they got footage and interviews with the protesters already there so all is not lost. We quickly set up shop and get everyone together for a group photo as I’ve promised my inside contact at PETA photos before 2pm for their live twitter feed. It’s 1:56pm. Mission accomplished! Excitement rises as I share the good news with the group that PETA has now shared not 1 but 2 posts about our protest!

Back on the sidewalk we are getting the attention of passers by and drivers who honk and give us the thumbs up. A wonderful person comes by with a bag of AH-mazing cookies that no doubt are loaded with fat and sugar but SO appreciated.

Although it was a small group of us there we got support from all over the world as I was live tweeting and Facebooking the whole thing. Didn’t someone once say ‘that a small dedicated group can change the world’? Well we proved that right as we were featured on both Channel 4 and 5 that night on all their news casts. We ARE changing the world y’all. Eventho is seems hopeless at times and ‘nothing is happening’ that’s not at all true. In the weeks since news of this horrific crime exploded across the world we have come together in big numbers. From all walks of life and countries we have shared our anger and frustration and mobilized an army. An army of caring and evolved humans who want to change this world. Who want to move humanity into the next phase of evolution: a time where animals are not brutally slayed by mindless Neanderthals with no conscience. WE ARE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD! We ARE taking action and inspiring others to follow. We ARE making a difference by golly! Yeah. I said golly..wow.. I’m from Copenhagen not Georgia for Pete’s sake. Must be this Japanese mystery veggie dim sum hastily consumed as I type messing with my brain haha!

On a serious note: it was a successful protest. We got publicity and reenergized each other online and in person. Great work everyone! Keep up the fight!

Note to self: next time paint the signs the night before…ahem..

Written by: Ines Romero of Cecil’s Angels.




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