Walter Palmer Swarmed by Dozens of Protesters and Journalists As He Returned To Work This Morning



With dozens of people chanting “Extradite Palmer, Extradite Palmer, Extradite Palmer!” and journalists holding camera, the killer of Cecil the Lion, Walter Palmer, returns to work at his dental clinic.

Dressed in a black polo shirt and dark pants, Palmer was seen walking across the street from the gas station with a security escort who made a way through the crowd of journalists and protesters and held the door open for him. Once inside, Palmer flashed a large smile to staff members who greeted him with smiles of their own as if nothing has happened.

Police presence was up today as taxpayer dollars was used to provide security for the dental clinic. “Hopefully, this will die out and we can move on,” Deputy Police Chief Mike Hartley said Tuesday morning. “We had to shut down Rhode Island to accommodate the media trucks.” Patients received police escorts as they were ushered into the clinic past the swarm of protesters and journalists.

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Half way through the day, a neighbour was seen arguing with a protester sticking up for Palmer and his distasteful hunting ways. Neighbour Stephanie Michaelis tells reporters that it’s time for protesters to move on.

Cecil Lovers on site camped outside his clinic all day as well as supporters from all over the world supporting in spirit are determined to stand up for the animals for the long haul until the dentist is brought to justice and until Trophy Hunting is banned worldwide.

Cecil’s Pride will continue to report on any further development. Here are some pictures:

**Please share this article to honour these brave men and women who skipped work to make sure Cecil and the animals have a voice**

Protesters set up outside the clinic

palmer crowd6

Journalists and Protesters swarm at Palmer as soon as he was spotted

palmer crowd

palmer crowd5

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Protected by a bodyguard, Palmer made his way to the door of his clinic

palmer crowd2

Once inside he smiled at his staff who smiled back at him.

palmer crowd3

Protesters are adamant they will stand up for Cecil the Lion as long as it take

palmer crowd4

TV Personality Ryan Smith was also present

ryan smith

This dog will RoarForCecil

dog sign


29 thoughts on “Walter Palmer Swarmed by Dozens of Protesters and Journalists As He Returned To Work This Morning

  1. It’s a shame there are more reporters there than there are protesters. Nonetheless, thank you to the #CecilWarriors roaring to stop #TrophyHunting. Some will say activists need to move on…if Dr. Martin Luther King, Alexander Bell, Moses, the LBGT community and Veterinarians had moved from pursuing what they knew was right, where would we be in the world? This is a new evolution for humans, we are empathetic and sympathetic for all life and will fight for equality for all living beings to have the chance to live instead of dying senselessly for human entertainment. We must change our ways NOW!

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  2. Good job to all there. You represented thousands across globe who were there in spirit. Poaching is a crime, Palmer a criminal and should be prosecuted as such. We have an opportunity with the light that Cecil’s death shone on the world, to engage in what will be a bitter fight to end trophy hunting. The hunting lobby is powerful, wealthy and will not go quietly. Persevere!

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  3. Keep up the good work protestes!!! U r doing great!!
    Why does such a “brave” hunter need police escort? What a loser of an individual…..Cecil never had protection or a chance and now this guy is afraid??!? What a jack hole …
    Extradite him back and charge him with murdering a beautiful, sacred protected animal!

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  4. Neighbor around the protest, Stephanie Michaelis was caught by the press arguing with the protestors telling them “It’s time to Move On”. AND defending Palmer. WHHHHHAAAAT?? STEPHANIE MICHAELIS YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT AND LEAVE OUR PROTESTORS ALONE!! This is a free country, remember DUMB ASS!!! Can anyone on this website provide me her address and phone number?

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    • Yep, it’s a free country. Stephanie Michaelis’ comments and attempt to dictate what other people do have no bearing here as long as people are acting peacefully and lawfully. She’s just being a waste of space.


  5. And here’s another dumb ass…Deputy Police Chief MIKE HARTLEY. Now this is what he had to say about the Protestors; “Hopefully this will die out and we can move on”. Now isn’t it funny that’s what the Cops said in Ferguson, MO, New York, Michigan, etc about Protestors. When is the US Federal Government going to start listening to the American people and the fact we want all criminal killing stopped by officials that are suppose to protect us? When is the US government going to make American Dentist Walter Palmer responsible for his criminal action in Zimbabwe by illegally killing an innocent lion by making him suffer and then slaughtering him. Just so his head can hang on Palmers family room wall in Bloomington, MN. His actions also putting Cecil’s Cubs in harms way. Palmer couldn’t care less about his actions causing an innocent Lion’s suffering FOR 40 HOURS. THEN THE POSSIBLE DEATH OF CECIL’S CUBS. And his patient’s say “he’s an excellent Dentist” Come on, there are many excellent Dentists In Bloomington, MN. His patient’s need to face the reality that under that nice demeanor of his to his PAYING Patients, this is a man with NO heart and NO Soul. If Palmer is remorseful, it’s because he got caught, that’s alll!! PALMER NEEDS TO BE EXTRADITED TO ZIMBABWE BY THE US GOVERNMENT, bottom line! Palmer said he “Did nothing wrong”. If that’s true Palmer, why don’t you go back to Zimbabwe and clear your name. Then all the protests will stop. Unless that day comes, they will NEVER STOP. Maybe Bloomington Police Chief and protestors complainer STEPHANIE MICHAELIS need to find out what a protest from this entire country looks like. I propose to Everyone who supports this cause to rally together and make the drive to Bloomington, MN. We can rent Vans, Busses, etc. Making stops in Every State from California to Florida picking people up. Then to our final destination in Bloomington, MN. Maybe then the US Government will listen to our call to end trophy hunting, unnecessary killing of wildlife everywhere, and extradite Palmer to Zimbabwe. After all, our Government likes EVERYTHING BIG, RIGHT??

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  6. Thank you all for being there in person!! It’s a shame that more people in Bloomington and surrounding area don’t feel that trophy hunting is wrong or that Walter Palmer is contributing to the extinction of wildlife for his own sick pleasure. But then again, I believe hunting season opened up in the area for the aggressive and dangerous mourning dove (to the rest of the world aka the traditional bird of peace and beloved backyard songbird). Oh the level of humanity indeed…


  7. WAKE UP AMERICA. This is America’s Cecil the Lion…A much studied and beloved research American Black Bear named JUNE. She was purposely led to a hunter’s house that hung up multiple bird feeders so she could be shot and killed WHILE she still had 2 cubs she was raising! The power of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources MUST BE STOPPED!! Please Share this! We need it to go VIRAL!!


  8. Well, Mr Palmer its time for you to get saved before Jesus returns and you won,t be taking anything with you because your not going back with him. Your paying a fierce price for being selfish and ignorant. He/she that loses their toys or going to pay. I will be praying for your soul because your going to need one to save.


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  11. It’s impressive how many people think that this horrible killer is kind of “victim” (I read the comments about his Neighbor around the protest, Stephanie Michaelis and the cop)…. Shame on those ugly people.. for them people like this ugly killer does what they want.. Shame on you!!


  12. For the protesters.. Thank you very much! I’m far away but I send you my support with words.. You are example for many of us.. I’m proud of you!!


  13. Thank you dedicated protesters for showing Dr. Palmer and trophy hunter’s that we are not going to move on until there is justice for Cecil and trophy hunting is abolished to save the nameless, but precious other animal species on the planet.


  14. Thank you all for protesting
    And thank you for not letting Cecil’s name be forgotten
    Keep up the good work
    We appreciate it.
    From Cecil the beautiful by Joanne Cooper and John c Gull
    “So many animals killed every year
    Slaughtered by hunters no shame to spare
    Killing rhinos, elephant and more
    To have a trophy they can hang over their doors”


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