Safari Club International Cancels Fundraiser at Calgary Zoo

It’s great to hear that our pressure on the hunting groups is working. Just today, we heard that the SCI’s fundraiser at Calgary Zoo was cancelled due to the huge amount of public outrage toward the zoo’s cooperation with the big game hunting organization with over 50,000 members. PETA has applauded the efforts of activists and the Zoo’s decision to cut ties with SCI and encourages other businesses and organizations to do the same to keep up the message that trophy hunting is no longer socially acceptable in the 21st century. SCI wanting to not look bad claims that they weren’t booted out but made the call to cancel the event because they saw that the zoo was taking lots of criticism.

We must continue to put pressure on groups and unethical businesses to ensure the animals have a voice.

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2 thoughts on “Safari Club International Cancels Fundraiser at Calgary Zoo

  1. SCI (and those with similar causes) needs to be countered on every angle, where such an organisation tries to gain ‘credibility’ or ‘advantage’ for their despicable cause. Well done to all those that petitioned Calgary Zoo (but why was Calgary Zoo even entertaining the notion of hosting the SCI I wonder, it seems an unbelievable ‘alliance’ of animal welfare values at even the remotest level?)


  2. Safari Club International is a group of EVIL murdering baiters and poachers, just like Walter James Palmer of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. JUST like that subhuman freak, they all have LIMP, 2″ dicks, and try SO hard to prove to other spineless morally bankrupt people like themselves that “I am such a MAN! Now I can hang a CHUNK of a dead animal on my WALL as proof!” They are all sick and evil. 😦


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