This Company Supported Trophy Hunting And Their Stocks PLUMMETED



So i was checking the stocks the other day and found that

yelp stocks

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9 thoughts on “This Company Supported Trophy Hunting And Their Stocks PLUMMETED

    • I have experienced Yelp’s reviews that have been deleted. I have written a review myself and it was deleted by Yelp. It was a review protesting a poor elephant owned and operated by Commerford and Sons. They have abused Bella Mae for 19 years. Apparently, Yelp is a site that condones animal abuse. Are they getting paid off to support this inhumane behavior? I am disgusted with that site. They are not neutral and are totally biased. Please, don’t use Yelp if you are relying on any of their reviews! Money speaks volumes!!

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  1. Can’t believe yelp supports trophy hunting and is deleting/censoring comments on the slaughter of Cecil the Lion. Maybe you should rethink before your shares take another nosedive yelp your barking up the wrong tree on this issue!

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