British Prince Appeals to Chinese Market to Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade


While Prince Harry is busy putting collars on lions, his brother Prince William has been working hard at the political level getting governments to ban trophy hunting. The Duke of Cambridge gave a speech which will be translated and broadcasted to Chinese Television in an attempt to educate and curb the demands for illegally poached animals.

The Prince has met with Chinese president in the past and has brought up illegal wildlife trade and will continue to work hard to ensure the trade comes to an end.

prince william by chris jackson AFP Getty

Prince William CHRIS JACKSON/AFP/GETTY,,20395222_20950830,00.html

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7 thoughts on “British Prince Appeals to Chinese Market to Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade

  1. He said months ago that he would burn the royal ivory but we haven’t heard anything since. He inherited about £30m from his mother’s estate so he could finance an anti-poaching army.

    The royals are a family of wildlife abusers. They spend a great deal of their time shooting wildlife for fun on the queen’s estates.

    Prince Philip still shoots at 94.

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    • Let we hope that the royal family’s from England, The Netherlands. Spain and all other countries stop with the shooting of wildlife, Let also the royal families tries to stop it. They can come to presidens and gouvermenst where we canot come.
      But burning Ivory from cenryries before? No In that time no one knows about the impact it has now. But NO NEW IVORY, and I think people from china can eat with plastic of (good) wooden hopsticks


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