Identify This Hunter and Get $2500 from Animal Rights Group


Association of the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals is offering a reward of  $2,500 for the identification of the hunters in a violent video that depicts the bloody killing of a grizzly bear.

The video was posted by the Wildlife Defence League on Facebook and it has since garnered nearly three million views. It shows the hunters shooting the bear numerous times as it tries desperately to escape.

here’s a screenshot of the guy who was in the video.

do you know this man

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26 thoughts on “Identify This Hunter and Get $2500 from Animal Rights Group

  1. I agree with you dlober what an idiot I plead that anyone who knows this POS to turn him in. I just don’t understand why he had to torture such a majestic beautiful being. I hope you get what you give and you will cause karma is a bitch especially to jerks like this! I will go to sleep heartbroken for this poor animal.


  2. Pos…pray they catch them. They used scopes to attack that bear, he was so far away and they kill for sport. It suffered for no reason. Omg…makes me so angry.


    • So you are ready to murder some people to impose your ideological agenda? A bears life means more to you than other persons life? I thi k the real sociopath is much closer than you think.


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  4. That is disgusting…. We are supposed to be human…where is the humanity on that! I hope karma comes to visit them soon. I can still here them laughing as that bear rolled down the hill. Despicable!!!!!


  5. Has it been proven he was hunting illegally? I hope so. If not, what can they possibly do with him? What he and the others did is morally repugnant.


  6. If someone finds him and turns him in the authorities won’t and can’t do anything to him due to where this happened. Best way is to turn him over to those that will teach him a lesson and make him pay for this.


  7. You wackos should be investigated by the FBI for making terrorist threats towards the hunter! Human lives are worth a lot more than any animals and those who elevate animals over humans are insane. Those of you making threats over the internet while using false names should be arrested! You’re nothing but COWARDS!


    • Andrew: you so called “sport” hunters are sick in the head, anyone who actually ENJOYS going out in the woods and BLASTING “Bambi” for thrills is one bullet away from going serial killer like Lanza did on people, you already demonstrate your mind is sick and twisted just like a serial killer’s is.
      In fact, here’s a comparison for ya:
      “sport” hunters- the ones who go out and teach their young children how to KILL living animals for thrills, I swear they are one step below serial murderers- everything about them is identical:

      Both hunters and serial murderers:

      1) Enjoy KILLING their weaker, helpless victims.

      2) Take photos and/or videos of the kill and their victim’s suffering so they can replay them over and over again and relive the thrills of KILLING and watching the blood spatter and hearing the victim ‘s screams and death cries.

      3) Take sickening souvenirs off their victim’s bodies, this can include: antlers, entire heads, fingers, hair, personal effects, wallets, underwear, anything else.

      4) Often cut, cut open, dismember, mutilate or disembowel their victims, even eating some of the flesh of their victims.

      5) Often leave the dead body in an unusual pose for others to find, or leave them so other people stumble upon the body or remains.

      This bear killer should be identified by name, home address, where he works and the information posted everywhere, the bear is worth more than he is I don’t care if he is “human” or not, being human does not place an automatic high value on him, not to me, I don’t know who he is and I don’t care one bit about him, he’s nothing more than human number 7, 467,988,233 to me. Just ask the victims of “human” Jeffrey Dahmer, Adam Lanza and others how they feel about those “humans,” that’s what we think about “humans” like this sick killer, he belongs in jail on death row like Dahmer.

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  9. The Thrill of hunting comes from hunting, not killing. A farmer or his slaughterer kill’s his/her animals. I doubt there is any kind of thrill in that.
    Big part of the excitement comes from the fact that game animal is hard to find and get a clear shot at.
    I think these guys started shooting that bear from way too far. Hunter needs to be patient and maneuver to meet the pray much closer in order to get a kill with the first shot. That’s the idea of a sport hunter: he is not desperate for pray so he can afford to try the perfect shot.
    However, I don’t know about bear hunting and especially on that kind of open terrain. It might be almost impossible to get much closer than that. After all, bear is the king in his lands.


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