Pembient Seeks to Bioengineer Rhino Horn, Flood the Black Market, and Make Rhino Poaching Pointless

A U.S. company called Pembient seeks to bioengineer rhino horns with intent to flood the black market and save rhinos from extinction. According to PR Newswire, Pembient CEO Matthew Markus states, “We surveyed users of rhino horn and found that 45% of them would accept using rhino horn made from a lab. In comparison, only 15% said they would use water buffalo horn, the official substitute for rhino horn.” In a later article, “Biotech and 3-D Printing Could Make Rhino Poaching Pointless,” Markus adds, “We can meet the demand for horns at one-eighth the black-market price. “We’ll make money; the poaching syndicates won’t.”

The process of bioengineering these “rhino” horns is discussed in the following video.

More issues with regard to flooding the black market with bioengineered rhino horns are addressed in the video below.

2 thoughts on “Pembient Seeks to Bioengineer Rhino Horn, Flood the Black Market, and Make Rhino Poaching Pointless

  1. Brilliant! As long as the bio-engineered horn contains the same hypothetical (ie. made up/magical!) ‘medicinal properties,’ this is fantastic news and will (I hope) change the ‘market’ dynamics favourably against the current ‘poaching economics/motivation.’ The force of the tide can and will turn….

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    • Yes, exactly Stephen! The problem of how to change the beliefs and attitudes of millions of people driving the demand is one of the most difficult to solve. I imagine these people will continue their practice (similar to how people here purchase Christmas trees) until their beliefs change on their own (and who knows when/if that’ll ever happen). Hence, I think the folks at Pembient are geniuses to just to go along with it until such a time when demand ever decreases on its own, since there isn’t an effective way to change the minds of millions upon millions of people through external persuasion/coercion.


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