Share Your Events With Us

At Cecil’s Pride, we are proud to present and support the spirit of Grassroot movements.

If you are an organizer or attendee for a protest/rally, please share with us your event and we’ll be happy to list* it on our event section and share it to our community of animal lovers.


How we can help

  • Broadcast to our 14000 dedicated subscribers
  • Potential word of mouth spread to 80,000 animal lovers across the Cecil’s Pride alliance
  • Sponsorship connections (upon availability) to help with event costs/coffee for protesters
  • Protest organization support
  • Guide/handbook for protesters
  • Design support for promotional materials

Submission of events should include:

  • Name of Event
  • Event website or Facebook Page
  • Poster (if available)
  • Time and location
  • (Optional) short writeup about this event (we can give you a blog post right away)

Email your events to with subject “EVENT- <YOUR EVENT NAME>”

*All submissions will be subjected to discussion and selection to ensure the appropriate degree of support it receives


3 thoughts on “Share Your Events With Us

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  2. I am doing a rally Oct 10th to stop Trophy & Canned Hunting and trapping and get Justice for Cecil Palmer needs to be charged not the voice of people for Cecil the reason for protest and Rallies is that the people who are the voice of the voiceless want to see Justice done and Palmer extradited back to Zimbabwe to stand next to his guide Bronkhurst for trial and Cecil may be gone. We will never forget why we fight this fight.


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