Tens of Thousands Protest Bull Fighting in Spain


Tens of thousands took to the street of Madrid today to protest Toro De la Vega. Saying that this 500 year old tradition is from the medieval past and has no place in today’s society. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Toro De la Vega, here are some facts:

  • Said to have been held annually since 1534
  • Participants must follow strict rules: they must approach the bull one by one and only attempts to mortally wound the animal, rather than weaken it, are allowed.
  • No throwing of lances or other objects is permitted
  • If the bull succeeds in crossing the municipal boundary, the tournament is declared void.
  • The bull must weigh at least 500kg and be between four and seven years old.

With such huge turnout, it has definitely shook the world. We are hoping to one day get a gathering as big as this gathering to speak out against Trophy Hunting.

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28 thoughts on “Tens of Thousands Protest Bull Fighting in Spain

  1. I went there in 2011 and joined the Dutch group CAS to protest against this medieval barbarity. We went to the field where the bull would be killed). There were many of us there enacting a breaking of the lance. The Spanish group PACMA were there.

    Every year they do this the bull has a name (just like Cecil!).

    This is the protest in 2011

    Lances will be broken now!



    • They are not calling it sport…..I’m spanish, by the way. The call it “art” and “culture”….which is almost funny….retarded people, I pity them, they lack of the basic human nature.


  2. Its a very bad thinking people of Spain …I request all the country person and mostly Spain govt …plz you stopped this festival. its very cruel and heartless woek .. We know that animal are not talk to us but.. we feel that’s tears which we see in his eyes which request to us
    …..that plz you don’t kill me I want spent my all life I don’t want die now.. its not a shows good culture.. I want say to everybody which participate in this festival ..when anybody kill him child or his family member on the name of man fight festivals…. then what he do… to some up all I want say that plz ….you don’t kill anything animal or other because everybody made by god and
    …and anybody kill its depend on god …plz save animal …. and save nature for. better future ….. Become pure vegetarian.. plz plz plz ……I Love You God ……and thank you God you made me a human …I prommisse to you that I save your created everything’s ….love you all thank you so much …I LOVE MY INDIA


  3. certainly impressive with the number of people protesting this ancient way of killing bulls. Enough blood has been spilled unnecessarily from the bull itself, the horses used in this event and the injured men who have to kill a bull. This is a modern world where we need to protect the rights and lives of innocent helpless animals. There is no sport with a bull enclosed ring running for its life and trying to protect itself with goring.. Seen a picture of a bull fighter sitting and the man and bull are eye to eye. That bull could have simply charged this man and gored him to his death…but didn’t. Just as our Lord has saved us, we need to show mercy and compassion to all animals, they belong to God.


  4. Spain is a horrible country to allow bull fighting. This is a horrible way for an innocent animal to die. Stop it now. Innocent people die from this horrendous sport, too. You ignorant people, this is an inhumane way to enjoy animals.


    • Many, many Spaniards are vehemently anti-bullfighting, and at least one region of Spain prohibits it (Catalunya). I lived in Spain for a while and my Facebook feed frequently has anti-bullfighting memes posted by Spanish friends. It’s somewhat ironic that you are reading an article about record numbers of Spaniards protesting the sport, and yet you call them “ignorant.” Keep that in mind when you make sweeping, stereotypical generalizations about an entire country of people.


  5. Shame on you Spanish Govt for continuing to allow Toro de la Vega n Bull fighting all these years even as the world condemns such events..I suppose it is really no wonder confirms some of ur ancestors did wht they did when they invaded n committed senseless acts against the original people
    of southern America. My other question is since most of d Spanish are devout Christians..is this smthin which God wld approve n condone just because it is part of ur culture…shame on u hypocrites!!


    • your ignorance is showing. If you knew anything ,which you do not,you would know that less than 30% of people in Spain are church-goers.

      You also have obviously never been in any country in South America or you would know that you are merely parroting lies that you have been told all your life.Almost the entire population of South America is of people of mixed race . There are also millions of “pure” Indians or native peoples. The only place whhere genocide was deliberately planned and carried out against the native people of teh Americas was in the US,especially in the 19th century .


  6. It’s about time……. it is taking far too long to change ancient barbaric traditions – this is a no brainer in this day and age – come on world lets change evil and replace it with good deeds, kindness, humility, humanity and a respect for the gift we have been given and all the sentient being that share our home with us. Let us be the care-takers we were meant to be……..


  7. God created humans with brains to protect the lesser of the two. But humans are the ones with no brains. It may be in the name of sport, religion or whatever, but its up to us HUMANS to make that change. Whilst I hate Spain for allowing such stupidity, but I certainly salute the 45000 people who are out to make that change.


  8. I don’t have more words to say about this barbaric cruelty.. I hate humans that enjoy killing or hurting animals.. Hope mother Nature corrects this.. I’m not afraid if we all humans desapeer and leave this beautiful planet to animals that coexist here.


  9. Howdy! This article could not be written any better! Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this. I am going to send this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


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    • Thank you for dropping by, Malinda!
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