Week Two of Protesting Outside Walter Palmer’s Office


**Please share to show your support for our men and women protesting outside ‪#‎walterPalmer‬‘s office for the second week.**

Keeping the pressure up on Walter Palmer, the dentist that killed Cecil the Lion. Our activists will never give up and never back down. Photo Credits from Amy and Melissa

super early

Outside his office before the crack of dawn



Word from our sponsors



This girl Anne agrees with us but feels bad about the staff so she brought a gift basket to the staff.


They called cops on us… we are going to stay as long as we can. thank you for the support

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17 thoughts on “Week Two of Protesting Outside Walter Palmer’s Office

  1. Please save that basket to other animals in need. His staff is well paid. Those dentists are crooks and they share with their staff to keep covering up their ripping off people with expensive procedures that sometimes are not needed. If one of you go to jail anyone from his staff is going to feel sorry or visit you in jail. Just keep that in mind.

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  2. That sized gift basket would cost a fortune! Looks like their might be bottles of something in it also which would drive up the price even if bubbling juice. I don’t think Anne supports the protesters. I think she said that to get through with no hassle. NO ONE takes a basket to employees of a lion killer unless they are “supporting” the practice or the owner. She feels sorry for the staff??? Most of the staff & their husbands hunt! She talked her way through…

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  4. I fail to understand the reasoning behind a basket for the staff. They work for him and obviously are not bothered enough by his Trophy hunting to work elsewhere. Better to spend your money on groups that are anti-poaching/trophy hunting. If they remain on public property, there should be no issues with the police regarding their protesting. Palmer needs to realize that our hatred of his trophy hunting is not going away.

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  5. I live in Minnesota and would be at the protest today if I had known about it. Some of you may say its my fault for whatever reason and maybe you’re right, I was quite busy this weekend. But I believe the real reason I didn’t see the post is because the unfortunate Cecil situation has developed into many legitimate groups, with various names. Thanks to ALL these wonderful people for starting these groups, however, now I’m getting triple the emails, not just from the Cecil groups I’ve joined. But from some animal activist groups, many of them that have “Cecil” in the title and subject line. Im having trouble getting through all these emails.

    I have a suggestion but don’t know how to implement it. I’m sure there are many Intelligent people out there that could get this going. Something like this has already been suggested but I’d like to take it a step further. If we could get everyone from all groups into one and then have a way to flag it with a different font color or “alert” every time there was new information or a rally or demonstration planned so everyone would see it right away i think it would increase involvement two-fold!! Not trying to step on anyone’s toes, but this isn’t about that, it’s about Cecil and others and the huge changes we are committed to making happen! Its obviously not going to happen overnight so we will all be “pen pals” for a long time! So much information is more than duplicated and the time sensitive information isn’t getting through in time. What does everyone think? Any ideas? Can we at least hear back from all the group page administrators?? Thank you!! We are all at different stages in life, some of us on line 24/7 and others once every few days. We need like an “Amber Alert”

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  8. This girl Anna, is a LIAR, saying she feels sorry for the staff of Cecil killer Palmer.The photo taken when he entered his practice, showed the people in there smiling and greeting him, So what does this slimeball Anna means she feels sorry for the staff. It looks that the staff overthere are also a bunch of crafty hypocrites.


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