Cecil the Lion’s Hunter Guide (Theo Bronkhorst) Arrested



**UPDATE- Sept 18 2015- Bronkhorst has just been released and his SMUGGLING CHARGES DROPPED**


Zimbabwe cops just arrested the professional hunter Walter Palmer hired for his trip to kill Cecil the Lion.

Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter who carried out the planning and tracking of Cecil the Lion for Walter Palmer was arrested AGAIN earlier today after he was caught smuggling 29 sable antelope worth $348,000 into South Africa (possibly to Canned Hunting Camps). His truck was trying to cross the Zimbabewan border in the middle of the night when it became stuck in the mud (karma). Police arrested Bronkhorst and two other co-conspirators and recovered the 29 live antelopes as well as over a dozen animal trophies.

Originally arrested in August, charged with a failure to prevent an illegal hunt and released on bail with a court date on September 28th. Bronkhorst’s recent illegal act is definitely going to affect his court case in a few days. When will hunters learn.

theo bronkhorst

Walter Palmer, the American dentist who paid Theo Bronkhorst, recently returned to his dental practice and is being swarmed by dozens of protesters outside of his office. He is currently escaping charges as the US has not made a move to extradite palmer to Zimbabwe at this time.

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Update: Our team has conducted some lookup and have confirmed that the ZBC (Zim’s BBC) has confirmed the arrest of the professional hunter.

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Before you grab your party hat and drinks, the fight is far from over. Walter Palmer still needs to be extradited and animals are being killed every day. If you truly claim to be in this for the long haul, consider taking action and become a member of Cecil’s Pride, start a protest or maybe become a writer with us. We are growing and we will not rest until Palmer is arrested and trophy hunting is illegal everywhere.

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**UPDATE- Sept 18 2015- Bronkhorst has just been released and his SMUGGLING CHARGES DROPPED**

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87 thoughts on “Cecil the Lion’s Hunter Guide (Theo Bronkhorst) Arrested


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      • Let’s arrest ALL hunters, including the ones who slaughter your chickens, cows & hogs for your breakfast lunch & dinner … Oh yeah, and the Fisherman who slaughter your salmon. And you for killing that roach .. and mosquito .. and fly!!! So we ALL go to jail .. ms animal police?

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      • I’m passionate about animal rights. And every time I hear of anyone who is willing to pay millions just so they can travel the world to hunt down majestic animals and kill them for pleasure saddens and sickens me. More so Walter J. Palmer. And given his past conviction for poaching was willing to lie to Federal agents and bribe his guides with $20,000 to lie to Wildlife investigators to cover up his crime. Any hunter who is willing to brake the law to get what they want and believes doing no wrong has issues. And there are similarities with Palmer’s past and the recent unethical hunting and killing of Cecil the lion. I do not feel sorry for the this man who is now being hounded. Thinking he could just walk back into his life like just another day at the office. He’s been caught and needs to pay. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/945/774/861/extradite-dentist-walter-j.-palmer/


      • The Zimbabwean police have since dropped the charges against Theo Bronkhorst for smuggling. Umm! I’m passionate about animal rights. And every time I hear of anyone who is willing to pay millions just so they can travel the world to hunt down majestic animals and kill them for pleasure saddens and sickens me. More so Walter J. Palmer. And yes justice should be seen to be done and this sick man sent back to Zimbabwe to answer for his part in Cecil’s senseless death. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/945/774/861/extradite-dentist-walter-j.-palmer/

        Chis Anderson

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      • Whenever somebody is out of rational arguments pro trophy hunting (which usually happens quickly), he starts with abortion issues.
        Just go and find a site with this subject, will ya please?


      • He cannot return to his practice with impunity, The arrogant “doctor” needs to be taught a painful lesson, which it appears he has not yet learnt after all the outcry! I will not be happy until all his patients desert him and he is found homeless. Nothing less will do.

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    • Music no more like scratching the chalk board this man is a hunter I’m a hunter and this is crazy I hire a professional guide it’s because I need his advice on the animals I’m hunting and it is his job and responsibility to know what’s the oldest and best animal to harvest so ultimately it is his responsibility. no way the Hunters fault!!! People need to get off there high horse and understand this is our right to hunt big game small game and any game as long as it is in season and ur doing everything humanly. How do u guys think ppl survive in the world I myself hunt whitetail deer and take the deer to the processor and donate meat to the poor everyone needs to stop crying I understand it was a icon that got killed bUT the hunter relied on his guide to know that information cut this guy a break


      • It’s not your animal to take or “harvest” you arrogant prick. How would you like it if you were culled like some lifeless object, dickless? How do you get off on killing something. You’re a hopeless f’ING sociopath, a blight on our species.

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      • (Hunter>) It is one thing to hunt for meat, and to do it cleanly and humanely; it is quite another to hunt for self- glory in taking a beautiful wild animal to hang its decapitated head upon your wall so you can gloat over it and brag your ‘greatness’ or whatever it is you crave. There is absolutely no legitimate way to take a wild animals life for mere self glory and the ‘fun’ of killing, especially in this era of vanishing wildlife…where so much grief caused to the wild at our hands. There is no high road for anyone who kills a beautiful and innocent being merely out of lust for pride and glory among his own peculiar kind,

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      • Don’t the “poor” hunt? Oh, I get it – they need you to do it for them.
        BTW, Cecil has become the icon and represents ALL animals that are hunted for sport and trophy, aka “senseless killing”. They don’t deserve a break.

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      • You need to educate yourself to ALL of the facts surrounding the death of Cecil, before you get up on your high horse and make such a fool of yourself. Contempt prior to investigation leaves a man in everlasting ignorance, Hunter!

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      • @Hunter The “wrong” already starts with the word “game”. Killing is not a game, and killing for food is not a game. Trophy hunting is a game and there is nothing I will EVER be willing to understand about it.

        The POS removed the identification collar before decapitating him, so please spare me the fairy tale of not knowing. And on top of all this this incapable hunter wounded the animal and had to chase him for two days.

        What kind of person needs klilling an animal to prove he is a “real man”?

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      • Please explain the pleasure or whatever you obtain from killing an animal you have no intention of eating. I hunted as a youngster but grew out of the bloodlust that is hunting. Bullshit on helping the diversity of animals by killing some of them. Nature does a better job of that than you ever could. Some, and a very few still hunt to put food on the table, but not you. Oh, humanely killing an animal does not include shooting it with an arrow and having to track it for 40 hours. And wasn’t he present when the radio collar was attempted to be destroyed?

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      • “It is our right”! How do you work that one out? Sorry, but people can survive quite nicely without killing other species. We are not carnivores – FACT! The fact that you are also a hunter makes everything OK does it???

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      • You sound like a genuine hunter who does things legally. This Walter Palmer actually gives hunters like you a bad name. If he thought it was all above board why did he not report the trusted guide on return from the hunt and why did they all try destroy the lion’s tracking collar instead? Once they knew it was a protected lion why did they behead him? Please don’t fool yourself into thinking hunts here in Africa are all ethical and legal. Money and corruption runs things. The guide has just been arrested for smuggling in Zim. Walter Palmer knew exactly what he was doing, he just thought they’d get away with it. He wanted the biggest lion in Zim and got him

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      • The Dr. was the one who did the killing. Keep telling yourself it for the greater good, when in fact all your doing is feeding your ego. Hunting deer for meat is not the same as killing, lions, tigers, bears, elephants, giraffes, or rhinos. You’re killing the planet, so you can feel like a god.

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      • According to Mr. Palmer, he had hunted in Zimbabwe four times before. This meant he was either incredibly stupid, or knew the law and decided to ignore it. Either way, ignorance of the law is no excuse. That is the way it works in the U.S. too. And even *if* he did not know they did not have the proper permits and even *if* his guides were luring Cecil out of the Park, they were spotlighting, which is illegal in Zimbabwe. Palmer had to know that much, at least. And when they caught up to Cecil 40 hour later, he either had to approve of or be part of attempting to destroy and then hide evidence: Cecil tracking collar.

        They guy who killed the tagged wolf in Utah last year at least had the integrity to report it to the authorities. Palmer just flew home, figuring he would let the people in Zimbabwe take the wrap for him.

        But the most import thing about this case is not that a named lion was killed, but that it exposed the practices of so-called “Legal” trophy hunting. Rich Americans and European pay tens of thousands of dollars to kill big game animals in Africa. This puts a tremendous pressure on the guides to provide those animals, by any means necessary. Palmer’s guides knew where Cecil’s pride was within the park. They were prepared to lure him out. They were prepared to hunt at night. They were prepared to break multiple laws and It is obvious they had done this before.

        How many times before? How widespread are these practices in the “legal” trophy hunting community? How many “legal” hunts are, in fact, poaching?

        Palmer needs to be extricated because Big Game hunters need to learn that they have responsibilities in hunting big game. They can’t just go over there, do whatever they please, legal or not, and then fly home thinking ‘What happens in Africa, stays in Africa.”

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      • Sorry…

        “And even *if* he did not know they did not have the proper permits and even *if* he did not know his guides were luring Cecil out of the Park, they were spotlighting, which is illegal in Zimbabwe. He had to know that much.”


      • Trophy hunting is disgusting and that makes you disgusting too. Hopefully, you keep it legal – if not, remember what they say about Karma. Walter Palmer KNEW what he was doing and didn’t care. They wounded that lion and let him suffer for nearly 2 days while they pushed him and ‘tracked him.’ Personally, I hope they both rot. Now, I have friends who hunt – but they live in the mountains and THEY HUNT DEER FOR THEIR FREEZERS. As for cutting this guy a break? I’d like to break his head.


      • The hunting is not the problem the hiding of the collar and the suffering of the animal is! Hunting for food is one thing just for trophy is stupid!! He knew when he seen the collar that it should have been reported but what did he do…the wrong thing.. he needs to be shot and left to suffer the way Cecil was!!!!!!!


      • Well, your spelling and grammar certainly confirm that you are indeed a hunter. As you yourself described, hunters take the biggest and the best animals. THAT in a nutshell, is my issue with most hunting and hunters.


      • this guy paid a BRIBE. The hunt was ILLEGAL. do you get it !! And no, it is not your right to hunt. The world has lost over 50% of its wildlife and forestry. Hunting disrupts the natural cycle of nature .


      • they should not be hunting any wild animals for fun future generations will only have pictures of these animals I can’t see how shooting these animals is a fun its an unfair advantage because they have no way of protecting there selves all hunters of wild animals should be hunted, guns taken away and leave them near the animals then it would be a fair fight


      • OMG! Are u kidding me Hunter? Do u know how many times this idiot has been in trouble with the government and FBI for killing and trespassing and lying? Do some research on him and u will see. No one is saying people don’t have the right to hunt!!!!! But don’t use bait to lure a protected animal off protected land that was a sanctuary for him….And don’t sit here and tell me he is innocent in all this and it was the guides fault, are u that stupid? Puhlease!!! Walter Palmer knew exactly what he was doing….And if u think everything he did was done humanely, than your about as sick as he is!


      • Walter Palmer is a serial killer of endangered animals and other great animals with fifty heads in a special cabin built for them. The guy baited the lion out of its protected reserve in the dark of night, with a bloody carcass on the vehicle and flood light paralyzed the lion. More BS – With a scoped crossbow and his vast experience he claimed didn’t see the radio collar and couldn’t make a fatal shot.

        Cecil suffered for forty hours until Palmer finally tired of the sport, shot him, cut off his head, skinned him and apparently tried to hide the collar. This is not the first time this demented guy has been charged with illegal hunting. He won’t be charged for trying to impress a young waitress with the selfie although she said he was old enough to be her father.

        This guy is no novice. He knew damned well what he was doing and he planned to go for elephant the following day. My passion is in override but it seems to me your the one on the high horse, crying about your rights. People can survive in the world very well without killing everything or any other animal, without baiting bears, deer and whatever, at feeding stations, or sitting in blinds waiting for something to walk by so they can slaughter it.

        You think you are a mighty man, a tough guy, a big hunter. When was the last time you took down a large herbivore with your fangs and claws. You are nothing more than a mighty mouse trying to convince yourself of your masculinity.

        A mighty man is the one that can nurture the small, the innocent and the defenseless. You have killed off the natural predators so that you can rationalize keeping the herbivores in check. You probably enjoy the blood of wolf and coyote hunts.

        A real man is a Wildlife Officer that refused to kill two bears cubs after their mother was killed.

        You are pawns, all of you. You pay so much money to make yourself look macho as you provide billions $ to the sports manufacturers and sales people, all so you can slaughter animals.

        Walter Palmer should be extradited to the courts of Tanzania for the crime he committed in Tanzania.

        Actually the following link is a real men situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBpu4DAvwI8

        Wolves balance, humans usually screw up and look at it in retrospect. http://themetapicture.com/when-they-brought-these-wolves/

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      • The hunter is responsible for his kill. It is the hunters responsibility to make sure it is not a animal on a preserve or endangered list. You can not put your stupidity off on others. Also you can not tell me that a hunter does not recognize a famous animal Like Cecil. His picture was the most taken out of any lion. You would have to be stupid not to recognize that animal. Oh and the difference between ignorance and stupidity is: ignorance does not know and stupidity the person knows but does not give a shit.


      • No, it’s not alright to kill him but he damn sure needs to get his ass jacked real good. He’s a sicko and although death would be wrong, he needs to be incapacitated in some form to ensure his habits don’t continue. Any “human” capable of the wanton killing of so many other living things (never mind they’re endangered) is capable of being a hazard around people too. Blinding him would be just and effective.


  1. Look the dentist is an animal terrorist and ego maniac.He plotted to pay two thugs to lore the lion out from a protected area .The lion suffered for two days and then shot ..he was decapitated and skinned after they posed with the lion with their santanic smile..let’s make an example out of him

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  2. They will never go after the rich American while there are others waiting to line their pockets for the chance to slaughter more of Zimbabwe’s animals..


  3. This sickening c**t has gotten under my skin as he has been unrepentant. I hope they throw the book at this miserable swine. I hope he wallows in jail till the cows come home.


  4. I personally think, we are making too much fuss about this miserable twisted bastard Palmer. ONE bullet into his rotting brain will do the trick and many of us will be able to relax a bit, untill th, the next bastard will appear.However may be the story about Palmer may be an example for a few of those idiots to withdraw, although there are lots of idiots who will never learn: example stupid Theo Bronkhorst.

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  5. Dumb asses, what you fail to realize is someone pays aloft of cash to hunt a lion that’s a couple of years from naturally checking out, I HEARD $40k. The cash is then in turned used for conservation and policing poaching. Hunting that’s controlled benefits everyone.


    • @Johnny Walker Trophy hunting is for dumb asses, so it´s pretty clear where to sort you in?
      This is just a big business where many other dumb asses fill their greedy pockets and if you believe in the conservation crap, you are even … more misinformed than assumed.


    • I have read the majority of this money does not go to the people or conservation but the pockets of those in power in these poor countries! Unfortunately they are corrupt as is this whole dirty business!


  6. Palmer should be held accountable to for his actions an I truley hope everyone involved in this hideous crime is punished to the fullest extent of the law!!


    • The law is an ass! Terrorise this man as far as is legal. He will always get away with this case as long as he can blame the pro hunter. Dont tell me he didnt know what he was doing when they threw Cecil’s collar into the bush, cut off his head and left the carcass to rot. Is that the action of responsible people? He has poached before and will do it again!


  7. Throw him out in the jungle and let the lions hunt him…he is a despicable human being…and whoever said it, this is not a page about killing babies..what he did was wrong and not just o the lion..all the animals he’s poached!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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