Protesters Followed Walter Palmer Home and Set up a Protest Presence.


While our team is wrapping up from today’s protest outside his clinic, another group of protesters have taken the fight for #JusticeForCecil right to the front steps of Palmer’s residence. Is this going too far? Protesters justified this saying Palmer stalked Cecil the Lion for 40 hours after wounding Cecil. Don’t think his family are innocent, his daughter and wife are avid hunters as well having killed dozens of animals.

Video Credits to Breeze Cyclone and Ginabella23 on Youtube.

palmer home 4

palmer home 3

Protesters even brought along a bullhorn

palmer home 2


It’s good to see some young people participating. They have every reason to because their generation may be the last to see animals like Lions and Elephants

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36 thoughts on “Protesters Followed Walter Palmer Home and Set up a Protest Presence.

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  2. YOU ALL are awesome! Under normal circumstances…Id say this was carrying it too far…BUT THIS ISNT NORMAL AND NEITHER IS PALMER! KUDDOS to you all….I only wish I could be there with you all…Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to be there!! ❤ you ALL

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    • It is his arrogant attitude and total disregard for animal life that gets to me. His wife and family are hunters too so I fail to see how this has caused them misery. He has killed over 50 precious animals with bow and arrows in a barbaric,sadistic fashion. He is like a serial killer with the compulsive urge to kill over and over. Right after beheading,skinning and throwing Cecil’s collar up into a tree he wanted to kill a bull elephant, not just any elephant a big one. He went home like a petulant child when one big enough was not available!! A hero he will never be, a man of compassion and caring he is not and never will be such is his personality disorder. He has not regrets-only that he was caught. He is devious, a liar and a coward. He has left a fragmented life behind with Cecil’s family. Does he care that some of his cubs have now died. Sadly not.

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  3. I don’t think they are crossing the line. #WalterPalmer baited and injured Cecil with bow and arrow. He then tracked Cecil next day and shot him.
    Cecil’s cubs and lioness his pride probably waited for his return for days hoping it would be anytime soon. Jericho’s video has been posted calling out for Cecil. But dad, husband, brother never returned. 2 cubs have been killed since Cecil’s demise.

    What this protesters are doing is nothing compared to damage Walter Palmer has done to disrupt one family. #JusticeForCecil

    He has killed future generation.
    Rot In Hell #WalterPalmer

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    • Our protestors are fantastic people and very special people. All of us on Cecilspride website support you 200%. Your devotion to bringing justice for Cecil is remarkable. Thank you so much for all your time and effort. Cecil hasn’t been forgotten. Not by a long shot.

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  4. Where is the fecking USA government ? They are responsible for making USA Criminals face Justice in other countries .
    This is sinister , it means that if you are White and Wealthy in the USA you can get away with corruption and murder .
    If you are Black in the USA you are shot on the Streets like the Nazis shoot the Jews for no reason .
    The USA has no respect now all we can see is HITLER”S GERMANY the SAME ROAD ..
    And we removed him so we will remove you .. Never underestimate the force of good and no amount of weapons and guns USA can protect you USA government, from your the world’s rage .
    People will help your decent people cause a complete revolution .
    YOU SYSTEM HAS NO ALLIES NOW .. it is over ..

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    • Unfortunately, Palmer has not yet been charged with a crime in Zimbabwe. Until he is charged, he won’t be extradited. I suggest calling the Zimbabwean embassy in DC and demanding they charge Palmer with a crime.

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      • I totally agree with you 5f6a. The Zim government are so scared of irritating the hunting fraternity and alienating them in what they see as their main income – maybe it is, into their pockets, the money that they generate to the government is more than the eco-tourism safaris, but these organisations generate an enormous amount of income to the country and the communities, but as they don’t have to pay the government for hunting permit, they are not considered by the corrupt government officials, unlike the murdering psychopaths, top of the list is Walter Palmer – he MUST NOT be allowed to continue in his normal life – it has got to be interrupted as often as possible.

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  6. everyone – mark your calendars – MSNBC Premiers Documentary “BLOOD LIONS”, October 7, 2015 10:00pm. Lion captive breeding industry in South Africa for trophy hunting. unite and mobilize against this atrocity.

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  7. Thank you to all who are leading this fight against the killing of innocent animals. They were put on this earth to live in peace with us. They have every right to be here. How arrogant of anyone to believe their lives are any less valuable than ours. How arrogant to believe they do not have the same right to lives their lives in safety and peace the same as we expect. I wish I were closer because I would be right there with you!!! Keep up the fight – this isn’t about just one lion. It is about all animals. We are sick of it and we are not going to take it any more. Thank you anonymous for helping with this fight too. In numbers, standing united, we will beat them. HUNT THE HUNTERS!!!

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  8. This piece of shit Palmer, his bitch wife and idiot bitch daughter need to be caught out of their house and harassed hourly, daily, 7 days a wkk, 365 days a year until they either kill themselves out of shame, or come begging for forgiveness for killing Cecil. And they should NEVER be any forgiveness for killing Cecil, only SEVERE punishment, and a lifelong continuing harassment of these scumbags. The are the WORST of humanity, and should be broadcast DAILY as scum & filth of this earth. Harass these scum, and give them absolutely no peace, day of night.. The do not deserve peace in any way shape fashion or form. This is an American family born of FILTH and should be returned to filth. But do not bury them in a cemetary with good people, bury them in a stench filled sump hole.

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    • It seems I am the only one that feels Palmer and his inbred family need to face horrific justice. I know more than 1 person read my post today, but maybe it is too rough for some of the more fair weather Cecil advocates. Not my style. I call bullshit when I see it and Palmer getting away with this is total bullshit. I would hope that someone sneaks in and sets his fucking house on fire, then goes to his business and does the same. I pull no punches, and I do not mice words. You either stand by what you say, or you just flat out do not belong here. I guess we need some to seriously re-evaluate their feelings on this murdering sonofabitch and his family.

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  9. Woodcutter, you are definitely NOT alone on how you feel about Palmer and his family. Haven’t you been reading all the blogs on Cecilspride since Palmer murdered Cecil? Some are more radical than your blog. What about the American soldier that vowed to shoot Palmer when she finds him. Did you read that one? I would say Palmer is the most hated man in America right now, that’s why he stays hidden. I’m with ya and so are thousands of others around the world. He will eventually pay for murdering Cecil, be patient!

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  10. Hunters are not realistic. They want to think that Africa, North America and elsewhere are in the same situation as the days of the mountain men and trappers, raving about Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett and forming a lousy Boone & Crockett Club. Sport hunters exterminated the passenger pigeon, the last one, a bird named Martha, died in a zoo. They sure can kill, but can they create a species? Anyone who gives them a hard time makes me feel a touch of comfort.

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