Sept 15 Protest Outside Palmer’s Office

Tuesday protest outside Palmer’s office. More people are coming out to join us as we let Walter Palmer know that he is not off the hook. Photo Credits to Brenda, Amy and Melissa. Check out more pictures from our protest yesterday here.

We have reports that a separate group has been protesting outside his MN residence later today.

walters attorney

sign 5

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15 thoughts on “Sept 15 Protest Outside Palmer’s Office

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  2. Please keep up the good wor protesters. I wonder how the killer likes being stalked in his kingdom. Maybe he will have to move and spend all of his money on attorneys. Best of all maybe he will go to prison or be fed to the Cubs of Cecil. God bless Cecil and off with Palmers head. Too bad if he has kids, Cecil did too.

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  3. The staff must have known that he enjoys killing animals for fun. These arrogant hunters can’t help themselves.

    I’ve worked for hunters and have walked out of jobs knowing what they did and I told them what I thought of them! It jeopardised my work record but you don’t compromise when it comes to animal suffering.

    I was asked to type up a charity event which involved shooting and refused. I then lost my job.

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  4. Thank you SO much for being there and protesting! You are all heroes to us who cannot be there. Supporting you every step of the way in California. He needs to know that we will NOT FORGET! Justice for Cecil and protection for others that evil men might shoot to kill. We have to keep working to BAN TROPHY HUNTING!

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  5. Anyone know of a person I can contact BY PHONE regarding the Cecil rally coming up in Boston next Saturday, Oct. 3rd. I want to participate but am terrible at computers and have wasted a lot of time trying to find this info online. I don’t want the event to come and go before I get answers as I am passionate about what’s happened to beautiful, innocent Cecil, Any help would be greatly appreciated, THANKS!


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